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Exercise pays off bigtime, a provocative ad, editing, exercising, and a delicious din-din...

I received an e-mail today from my doctor, with the big health payoff news I've been hoping for—the results of my blood work:

The good news, of course, is that my overall cholesterol count has moved back down in the normal range (under 200 at 198). Even sweeter, though, is the dramatic change in my HDLs (the "good" cholesterol, which should be above 40)—it went up from 35 all the way to 47. Woohoo!

And then there's the triglycerides—triglycerides in plasma are derived from fats eaten in foods or made in the body from other energy sources like carbohydrates. Calories ingested in a meal and not used immediately by tissues are converted to triglycerides and transported to fat cells to be stored.

As you can see, I've been in the "high" zone for the past three years, but look at the dramatic change since exercising almost every day for 60 minutes for three months, and cutting way down on the carbs. Woohoo again!

In looking for a "good health" graphic to include in my blog, I came across this provocative French PSA-type ad about AIDS:

I like that it includes a message to both heterosexual and homosexual people.

As an aside, my blood work results also included an HIV status report of negative.

And from the obits... "Ricky is also survived by his two twin nephews, Joshua and Matthew." Where are the names of the other twin nephews? I'm just asking...

And gurl, love your hair—hope you won.

I worked from home this morning, and from Helios this afternoon. Kevin (av8rdude) joined me, and we had some instant message humor—yes, sitting facing each other, we still instant message each other, as it's kinder than talking out loud about all the people around us. At one point, I got sad thinking about how I'm going to miss that, with his imminent move to Seattle.

I requested that my regular drink (when I don't drink plain, black coffee, which is actually most of the time), a Single Iced Skinny Caramella, be made "sugar free" today. What makes it "skinny" is that skim milk is used, so that was already being done. It was pretty darn good. I'll be getting it that way from now on.

To that end, the acronym on the order sticky is: SISkMellaSF.

I met Kevin (av8rdude) at the gym @ 7:00, and my neighbor, Kathryn, arrived at 7:45. Today was an all-cardio day for me, but I did start my workout with 5 sets of 15 reps of crunches. I just love how much easier these have become. Pretty soon, I'm going to have to increase either my set count or rep count.

Today's workout statistics:
Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Elliptical)



I ducked into the grocery store next door to the gym and bought: 2 Granny Smith apples, an onion, a green pepper, a tomato, raisins, pineapple tidbits, Asian salad toppers, 2 boxes of turkey sausage (because it was on sale), some ginger snaps, and some Light Flatout Bread.

Albeit a little late in the day, I had a killer salad for dinner with most of the aforementioned items in it, and some watermelon for dessert. It was all good!

I dropped by Trailer Park Prize Night tonight for a little while, where I had these various thoughts while there:

  1. Looking at a woman's (a "real girl's") stomach fat roll stretching her blouse, "Lord, she brought her inner tube with her."

  2. About these three guys, two about 70 years old and one about my age, sucking face and feeling each other up for about an hour: "Get a room."

  3. About several very effeminate guys who walked by at different times, "Woman!" While thinking this, three fingers in my pocket formed the letter "W."

  4. About a woman (another "real girl") who had on shiny silver shoes that matched her shiny silver dress: "Love your shoes; hope you win."

  5. I loved Jackie O'Knight's (African-American drag queen emcee tonight, who is totally irreverent) comment about the response she got (which was pretty much nil) when she said, "Where all my African-American people tonight?" Her comment was, "Yup, that's the same sound yo gonna hear when you ask where all the black people at at the polls. You'll hear crickets."

I spent the last twenty minutes or so talking with Jose (of Joe and Jose) and his friend, Frank.

I beelined it out of there at about 1:15.
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