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Exercising, MS in Tech Comm presentations, and dancing...

This story, as it continues to unfold, is just incredible:

Also incredible, to me at least, is the fact that there is a typo in the wife's name in this graphic. But I digress...

I had the rest of my Chicken, Sausage, & Clam Gumbo soup for lunch, along with a killer salad of romaine lettuce, onion, celery, pineapple tidbits, shredded cheddar cheese, and Asian toppings.

I met Kevin (av8rdude) at the gym at 2:45, where it was lower body day for me. I did not follow up with any cardio, as tonight's a dance night. Well, I did use the stationary bicycle at the very end while I waited for Kevin, but the 20 calories I burned off doing that aren't worth mentioning. Oops. Too late. Already did now, didn't I?

Today's workout statistics:
Exercise Type
Area Worked



Lower Body

After my workout, I hung out at Helios until about 5:30. The first thing I had to do there was put on my iPod headphones and crank up the volume.

The two people sitting next to me yammered on and on and on and on and on. And then, on. And it was talk of the most distracting kind—the man totally dominating the conversation, and the woman having to talk over him to get a word in edgewise, with him pouncing back on top of her words after letting her talk long enough to catch his breath. I'm just saying...

I had a fun e-mail exchange with my sister today. Truth be told, most of my exchanges with her are fun. We exchanged laughs over the birthday cards we each sent to our dad.

I also found e-mail on Yahoo, via Yahoo Messenger, which I almost never login to—from my brother informing me that he has created a Facebook page, and inviting me to "friend him."

I tried to Yahoo Messenger chat with him—he was logged in, but he didn't respond to me before I had to logout.

On the way to State I checked in with my dad by phone, wishing him a Happy Birthday. Surprisingly, mom was at home, too—that is to say, not at Bingo.

I attended the 6:00 Master of Science in Technical Communication capstone course presentations, which are equivalent to the master's thesis papers and defenses for the program, of two people I went through the program with.

The semester is winding down now, and the last of "my kids" (the younger folks with whom I went through the program) are finishing up. Tonight was Michelle and Andrew J., and then on Monday, it's Lindsay, Brian, and Andrew A. That's the lot of them.

Andrew's presentation was slick and dazzling—including (1) a highlighted square on a PowerPoint slide that moved while morphing into twelve squares (to make the point that the real estate on a cell phone display is about 1/12th of that of a typical PC display), and (2) a remote control device that he was using to move to the next slide in his presentation on his laptop across the room obviously changed into a telephone as he took a call (from the professor in the back of the room) in the middle of his presentation.

I thought item two was brilliant in two ways: (1) It made the point he was making, about the context for which you have to write when considering mobile users, better than any slide alone could've done it, and (2) It showed a creative and innovative way to technically communicate to a technical communication audience—those of us in the room. Just brilliant.

The goodies tonight were most delicious, particularly (1) the lemon bars and (2) the sausage croissants. Yum!

Okay, I'm officially ready to retire the rhetorical devices: (1) and (2).

Sandy asked me toward the end of the presentations, "So, are you missing this?" and I surprised myself with this answer, "Actually, less and less so." I guess that's good.

Congratulations Michelle and Andrew J.!

I really wasn't into dancing tonight. Up until a little after 9:30, there were only four of us there: Carl, Bill, Michael and myself. Eventually, Ernie, Steven, Rick, and Patrick arrived.

I won't even count Mark, who I really don't consider a dancer, as he so rarely comes, and I'm not sure if he knows more than one or two dances. What I do know is that he spilled my drink tonight (on the pool table, while I was dancing) and when I got back to it, all he said was, "Sorry about that," with not even an offer to replace it.

Carl and Bill left on the early side—at about 10:40. I followed shortly after that.
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