DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Jacci thanks me...

We had MSBC today, and had good discussion on the last assignment. I proposed the idea of a therapist and a transman (FTM) being a guest of the book club. Everyone wanted to do it, and we decided to schedule a meeting outside of work to accommodate it.

Got a nice voice mail right before I left work tonight. It was Jacci M. saying that she heard I was stepping down as EAGLE communications coordinator, and that she wanted to thank me for all of my contributions. How cool. I called her back to thank her for making my day, and put it a plug in for a future job in doing something in the diversity arena for IBM as a job one day.

I got home in time to grab a quick dinner, and then met Ronnie at Third Place to give him $35 for the SeminarWorks refreshments next week. We had a nice chat. He's a nice guy. He has traveled extensively, and had just returned from a 4-day stint to Rome.

I stopped by Quail Ridge Book Store to pick up my ordered copy of Wasted, this month's GLBT book club selection. I really need to get started on it. I also bought a sympathy card for Nick while I was there.

At home, I wrapped Dana's copy of Read My Lips, which I received in my Amazon.com package that Steve brought to Flex for me last night. I also wrote out Nick's sympathy card.

Then, I sent out a status e-mail to the SeminarWorks team, and solicited their input about meeting once again before the seminar next Wednesday.

After that I printed, addressed, and stamped Tour de Friends letters for my relatives and friends who don't have e-mail (or I don't have their e-mail addresses).

I thought about checking out Trailer Park Trash night, but decided against it. I really need to give this nasty cold some rest!

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