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We had a continental breakfast room service this morning, and Joe promptly opened the champagne, which we added to the orange juice for morning birthday mimosas.

Birthday Boy in our Stateroom Window

At times, we thought that banner above the window said "Wappy Birthday."

Birthday Boy Opening the Champagne
(Look at the concentration!)

Room Service with the Makings of Mimosas!

We had a lazy morning, and made our way to the Paris Lounge for the 11:00 Disembarkation Talk, which droned on and on and on—I mean 20 minutes alone spent explaining how to fill out the customs forms! Line by line. Question by question. Tedious!

After about 40 minutes (of the hour-long session), we couldn't take it any more, and left.

We tried to find a place to lie in the sun in the adults-only section of the ship, to no avail. Joe ended up on the top deck, where it was too windy.

I was happy in the shade, and after a while, a table in the sun came empty, and I nabbed it. There I proceeded to—known only in retrospect—roast in the sun for an hour-and-a-half with no sunscreen on. Things that make you go, "Hmmm." And later in the day make you go, "Owww!"

We had lunch, after which Joe went and used the steam room, while I worked on my blog and got a nap in.

After dinner, we started drinking around the ship again, eventually making our way to Rhapsody in Blue—the piano bar—where Brady was back at the helm.

We had a good time there, singing along with a lot of the songs, and I got Brady to do another rendition of Happy Birthday to Joe. The crowd sang along.

At about 11:30, we made our way over to the Candlelight Lounge for the final karaoke activity of the cruise. It wasn't nearly as festive as the other nights had been, which kind of surprised us.

After a little while, we went for our final "fourth meal"—being absolutely delighted to find hamburgers and hot dogs available in addition to the 24-hour Pizzeria!

I pulled a Liz Taylor, as related by Joan Rivers: "When Liz was at her heaviest they asked her, 'What do you want on your hamburger?' 'A hot dog,' she responded."



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