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Worked out, taxes done, and dinner in Durham...

I met Kevin (av8rdude) at the gym today at about 2:00, where it was a total cardio day for me, during which I listened to several NPR Story of the Day podcasts:

'Cheese' Heroin Hooking Young Users in DallasImagine a 9-year-old heroin junkie. In Dallas, health officials are seeing children that young being brought to hospitals with signs of heroin withdrawal. The city is in its third year of what drug abuse experts call a "mini-epidemic" among young Hispanics snorting a mild but addictive heroin called "cheese."
Child's 'One Hen' Lays Microlending SuccessA new children's book tells the story of what happens when a young boy living in Ghana in West Africa borrows a few coins from his village's collective fund. He buys a hen—with the hopes of selling some of the eggs she lays in order to buy more hens. And he does buy more hens — and more and more of them.
Class Teaches Virtues to Children of Many FaithsIt sounds like the start of a bad joke: A Jew, a Baptist and a Baha'i get together every Sunday morning... But it's a new kind of Sunday school, where families from a range of religions gather to teach virtues to their young children.
Cruising to Otherworldly AntarcticaThere comes a time when the ties of home life loosen—some give way completely—and one is moved, as if by Nature herself, to put to sea. You are connected somehow to the Age of Exploration, even when your boat has Wi-Fi and an all-you-can-eat buffet, and you can track its progress on GPS.
Girl Scouts Transform to Recruit New MembersA new study released Thursday by the Girl Scouts found that more than half of American girls are ambivalent about leadership. The report comes while the nearly 100-year-old organization is revamping its methods for training tomorrow's women leaders and tries to buck its image as a cookie, camping and crafts organization.

The Girl Scouts know they face more competition than ever for young girls' attention, but the group's officials point to activities such as whitewater rafting, running Web sites and survival camping as ways the organization continues to evolve in its offerings.
A Man and His Mitt: A Love StoryOne addition to this year's baseball library is an anthology of baseball essays called Anatomy of Baseball, and sportswriter Stefan Fatsis is one of the contributors. The subject of his essay, "My Glove: A Biography," is his beloved, 31-year-old Rawlings XPG6 baseball mitt.

Fatsis talks to Robert Siegel about his relationship with his glove, how he set out to find out about its history and what he learned along the way.
Pi Day: An Infinite Number of Ways to CelebrateOn Friday, March 14th, math enthusiasts celebrate pi, the infinite number representing the relationship between a circle's circumference and its diameter. Across the country, math aficionados trade pi recipes, hold pizza parties, and recite as many digits of the never-ending number as they can remember.

(Listen to a recitation by Mark Umile, North American record-holder for memorizing pi.)

Today's workout statistics:
Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Elliptical)



I finished Jeanie-baby's taxes this afternoon.

I stopped by my office, to which I haven't been since January. I sent my calendar to the printer, stepped out of my office to go get it and as soon as the door shut tight, I looked at the half of my keys in my hand immediately realizing that the half with my office key on it was inside the now locked office.

I called security from the lobby phone, and was actually impressed with how quickly they arrived with a master key, especially considering it was a Saturday evening at about 6:15.

I picked up Robert in Durham, and we went to C&H Cafeteria for dinner. However, once in line, neither one of us saw anything—out of all those choices—that really appealed to us. We put our napkin-covered silverware back, and our trays back on top of the pile and went to Elmo's Diner instead.

Some kind of formals were going on in Durham tonight—is it prom time already? There were several kids in Elmo's with tuxedos and gowns on. What an odd choice for a dinner before a formal event.

After dinner, I stopped up at Robert's place, where he served me a sliver of killer caramel cake, and showed me Amy Sedaris' new book called I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. Very well done.

To give you a "flavor" (pun totally intended) for the type of humor in it (not to mention some great-sounding recipes), here are two pictures:

Here she is with herself rolled in sprinkles.And here, with some flour or frosting added.

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