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Words schwords, the planets align at Planet Fitness, and editing...

Words, words, words... I'm so intrigued by them sometimes. Okay, most times.

A few gems from various and sundry sources recently:

In the details of an invitation to an upcoming party...

"Come as you are (what other option is there?)."

At the end of an e-mail about a work-related celebration that involves an overnight stay and kegs...

"If you don't like your roommate assignments—drink more and maybe you will."

This total word play song, a new song by Chris Cagle, called What Kind of Gone. It's the chorus that gets me...

I heard the door slam
and I couldn't tell was it just the wind
or was she mad again - ah hell
she's gettin in her car
I hollered baby is there something wrong
thought I heard her say something sounded like I'm gone
but these days gone can mean so many things.


Well there's gone for good and there's good and gone
and there's gone with the long before it
I wish she'd been just a little more clear
well there's gone for the day and gone for the night
and gone for the rest of your doggone life
is it whiskey night or just a couple beers
I mean what kind of gone are we talkin bout here?

I was up at 6AM today, and right back to editing—well, after a hard-boiled egg, some turkey sausage and some coffee, that is.

The opening of this obituary begs for more details, which much to my chagrin, were not to be found.

HURDLE MILLS - Bennie Lewis Bradsher, Sr., 89 and Mary Jones Bradsher, 89, of 5625 Hester's Store Rd., died together Friday, April 4, 2008, at Duke University Medical Center. They were married for 62 years as of March 30, 2008.

Not exactly a golden egg, but in the green at least. While I sat on my butt all day, my gold did a little work.






 90.60 -91.75





The planets are all aligning this week at Planet Fitness. The first Monday of the month is Free Pizza Day, and the second Tuesday of the month is Free Bagels Day.

Generally, of course, this falls on consecutive weeks. However, due to a Tuesday start of the month, the second Tuesday is the day after the first Monday. That means free pizza today, and free bagels tomorrow. That's just so wrong when the gym is all about the food.

To that end, I met Kevin (av8rdude) at the gym at 4:00, so we'd be done at 5:00, right when the free pies arrived. Trying to give my knee a day off from cardio, I did just my upper body today, increasing my sets to 5 (from 4) and doing the maximum number of reps (15 instead of 12).

Kevin and I enjoyed a slice of pepperoni afterwards. We both wanted a second piece, but Kurt was fixing him dinner later this evening, and I, well, I'm trying to think like a thin person—so we both passed.

I stopped at Target after my workout, desperate for trash bags. I also will run out of my Centrum in the next week or so, so I bought a new supply. Centrum Silver. That's for people 50 and over. Argh.

I edited most of the night away. I think there was some kind of basketball game going on tonight.
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