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Laundry, working on my day off, exercising, eating, and funking...

I started my day off doing two loads of laundry, and reorganizing my dresser drawers with the hope of it being an incentive for me to actually put my clothes in them. I now have one drawer for all of my workout t-shirts and sweat shorts, which should help.

For not being at all into Goth, I have 9—count them 9—black t-shirts in my current rotation. Well, they do say that black makes you look thinner.

I listened in on two one-hour-long IBM conference calls today on my day off, and I'm going to refrain from making comments about either one of them—for my own protection.

During the second call, I multi-tasked devising two e-mails that I wanted to send out today.

I met Kevin (av8rdude) at the gym at 3:00 today, where today was lower body day, and cardio day of course, because every day is cardio day to me.

I listened to several NPR Story of the Day podcasts during my cardio workout. Bar Code Hopping in San Francisco was by far the most interesting one.

Today's workout statistics:
Exercise Type
Calories Burned
or Area Worked






Lower Body





I marinated some chicken breast fillets and some ground turkey, both in Grill Mates® Peppercorn & Garlic marinade. After the requisite 15 minutes of marinating, I cooked all of it.

I put the ground turkey in the fridge. After cubing the chicken fillets, I added one of them to another killer salad, and refrigerated the rest of it for future wraps and salads.

I'm in a funk tonight.

I was determined to stay away from Flex tonight as it's 120 Minutes Night (speaking of Goth), and all I do is breathe in second-hand smoke, get irritated with the music and "show," and find it less and less fun and interesting as it gets later and the straight people descend on the place on the first Friday of each month. Not that there's anything wrong with straight people. Some of my best friends are straight.

I stayed in, and was actually in the bed by 8:30.
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