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Editing from home/Helios, no Savages yet, exercising, a killer salad, and more editing...

I edited from home this morning and from Helios this afternoon.

Kevin (av8rdude) met me at Helios late afternoon, where he managed to work in spite of a little bit of his work involving phone calls.

Some time within the last few weeks, I heard about a Philip Seymour Hoffman movie called The Savages, and for some unknown reason got it in my head that this was an older movie of his that had "slipped by without much notice."

Imagine my mouth dropping then at the Blockbuster store I stopped in on the way home from Helios, when I said as I entered, "Can you tell me if you have The Savages, and if so, what section it's in?" and the person behind the counter said, "Oh, it's not available yet. It should be out next month."

Today, I changed the date of my upcoming lab work from April 30th to April 16th, because I want to see what my glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides are before I go on my cruise in case I go hog wild while on it.

Crazy, I know, but I'm only human.

My meeting with Kevin at the gym at 6:15 was tentative, depending on the volatility of his 5:00-6:00 meeting. Evidently, it got quite volatile, as he didn't make it.

It was the most crowded I've ever seen it there tonight, at least in terms of cardio machine availability. I ended up having to take an elliptical machine that had stationary, instead of swinging, arms.

I downloaded three new (to me, at least) songs from iTunes yesterday, so I listened to music today instead of podcasts. The songs were: If You're Reading This (by Tim McGraw), Shift Work ( by Kenny Chesney & George Strait), and Good Directions ( by Billy Currington ←Holy Moley, on the cover of Playgirl!)

Today's workout statistics:
Exercise Type
Calories Burned
or Area Worked




It was absolutely, incredibly, freaking ridiculous how much sweat my body produced during tonight's workout. I had to keep wiping the underside of my forearms with my towel as the sweat streamed all the way down there. Did I mention, ridiculous?!?

On the way home from the gym, I stopped at the Food Lion on Avent Ferry Road, and once home made some tomato soup and the most fantastic salad ever—consisting of lettuce, cucumber, mushroom, onion, pineapple, raisins, ham, sharp cheddar cheese, and hard-boiled egg, all topped with some McCormick Salad Toppings and Kraft Light 1000 Island dressing. Out of this world!

After dinner, I edited a little while before calling it a night.

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