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Editing from home, trying to think thin, exercising, Heliosing, and getting irritated...

I worked from home today, with an early start responding to some e-mails that came in since last Thursday.

I began editing what's sure to be an arduous, 258-page Administrator's Guide today.

A second IBM meeting has been added to my calendar for Friday, which is one of my days off each week. I'm not pleased about it. The only thing good about it is that it's contiguous in time with the meeting that was already there.

I created my "Advantages Response Card" today as step one in training my brain to think like a thin person.

I didn't eat lunch until I actually heard and felt my stomach signal to me that it was hungry, instead of just doing it when I thought I was hungry, or just because it was time.

Though I listened to five of Slate's recent daily podcasts during my hour-long workout, I can't say that I paid very much attention to any of them. I was sucked in to three of the about seven TV sets suspended in the air in front and above the machines surrounding mine, catching various closed-caption sentences from Oprah, VH1, and the news.

Episode TitleQuestion Answered
Spinach, Lettuce, and the Limits of BioterrorismA comforting look back at the major E. coli outbreaks of 2006.
Tank vs. HybridDid woolly mammoths help build the Pyramids?Is it possible that a Hummer's better for the environment than a Prius is?
For Teeth and For CountryJohn Adams' misplaced celebration of America's dental achievements.
Have People Stopped Clicking on Google Ads?Or did a Web-traffic firm get the numbers wrong?
Me FatigueBut enough about us, let's talk about the candidates.
The Rise of American IncompetenceWe used to be the world's most skillful entrepreneurs and managers. Now we're laughingstocks. What happened?

Today's workout statistics:
Exercise Type
Calories Burned
or Area Worked




After work, I called Joe to see about meeting over at Helios this evening. He told me that he'd gotten broad-sided coming out of the gym parking lot today, and that his Tribute was pretty much totaled. After my gasping, he said, "April Fools."

We left Helios at about 9:40, since they close at 10:00, and we went to Flex, where we played two or three games of pool while karaoke got started.

After that, and one more drink, I had an attitude check with myself thinking, "This guy getting up singing next gets on your nerves, and this f&*%$%^ emcee won't shut-the-f&*% up, as usual. WHY ARE YOU HERE?"

Then to Joe: "I'm getting out of here. Be careful. G'night."
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