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Breakfast @ the Farmer's Market, dinner at Five Star, the fourth meal @ IHOP...

Robert and I had a mid-morning breakfast at the Farmer's Market restaurant right after Robert picked up a caramel cake right there in the market.

We beat "the church crowd," and once again, had the best French Toast in town. Yum!

As an aside: There are two tables-for-two, one by each window, along one wall of the restaurant, one of which we were seated at by the hostess. I had a memory flash from April 5, 2003, when I was training for the AIDS ride and sat at one of these two tables eating pancakes when "the bottom fell out" outside, while my fellow riders were out on the road training.

Dear Prudie,

I recently had breast-enhancement surgery, and there is a noticeable difference. My question is, How do I respond when people make remarks about it? I know that it is an obvious change, and people do notice, but it is not as if I'm flaunting it in revealing tops. How do I respond when someone says, "Wow, you got a boob job!" I find it very rude when mere acquaintances make such comments, as I would not comment if they got dentures!

—Newly Enhanced

Dear Newly,

There's a Bible verse for every situation, and Psalms 23.5 seems appropriate here. But what a bunch of jugheads your acquaintances are if they feel the need to keep abreast of your personal developments. Don't get into a tit for tat with them. Just turn away as you say, "Ta ta."


I met Joe, Ben, and Dale for dinner at Five Star, where I had their Chicken Lettuce Wraps appetizer, followed by their Teriyaki Filet Mignon appetizer for my entrée. Both of them were out of this world, and generally, I'm not that big a fan of Five Star, though most of my friends are nuts about the place.

Joe and I played several games of pool at Flex afterwards, with the intention of leaving right before karaoke started. Well, that didn't happen.

Later in the evening, Walter and his partner, Steven, made an appearance, and we spent the rest of the evening hanging out with them and Paul (the ex-Republican, who doesn't like to be known by that).

After that, we ended up at Legends for the show, and after that, at IHOP for breakfast.
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