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Roll models, good week/bad week, Happy FDOS, working out, podcasts, and editing...

Yesterday or the day before, in one of the obituaries, the deceased was described as being a roll model. A picture such as this one, immediately popped into my head. There, at the end, is the roll model. Not to be confused with the stop model or the drop model who both precede him.

Please, please, please!  No typos in my obituary! It's all written out here at the bottom of the page. Just cut and paste to avoid introducing an inadvertent error. Please.

Good week for...Bad week for...
Fruity bouquets, after Dutch wine taster Ilja Gort insured his nose for $8 million. The policy requires the lavishly bearded Gort to patronize only experienced barbers who can keep their razors steady near his valuable appendage.Popping the question, after Lefkos Hajji of London hid a $12,000 engagement ring in a helium balloon to present to his girlfriend, but then accidentally let go of it. "Now she is refusing to speak to me," he said.

~From The Week Magazine 03/28/08~

I meant to capture this from Thursday. The First Day of Spring is one of my ex-wife's favorite days of the year, and when we were married, I always sent her flowers on that day. Now, after 16 years of marriage, and almost 14 years of being separated and divorced, I still manage a token (e-card) remembrance.

And her response:     :-) ....... you always make me smile!  Thank you so much.  pwa 2.

I worked from home today, and had a very productive one-on-one telephone meeting with my manager from 3:30-4:00.

That was immediately followed by a 30-minute conference call to give awards to the high achievers and contributors on our last project, which officially ended in December. I was delighted to hear my colleague, friend, and fellow-LJer, Casey (cpeel) announced as a recipient. He's good people, and well-deserving.

Kevin (av8rdude) bailed on working out at 5:00, as work items escalated as the time to head to the gym drew nigh.

During my cardio workout, I listened to several Legal Lad podcasts:

Traffic Signs Posted on Private PropertyRecently, my apartment complex got a little overzealous about posting stop signs in our parking lot. When there is clearly no one else around, I consider not stopping at these signs. This leads to my question: when stop signs are posted on private property, as with my apartment complex parking lot, am I legally required to stop?
The “Natural Birth” ClauseToday I will discuss an obscure and seldom-interpreted provision in the Constitution that could have serious implications in today’s presidential race: the “natural birth” clause. Specifically, this clause might prevent Senator John McCain, the likely Republican candidate, from becoming the 44th president.
Parking Lot WaiversIn California, whenever you use valet parking, on the back of your parking slip there is a notice that the valet company is not responsible for any damage to your car. If the valet scratches or damages the car while parking it, how can they not be held responsible?
Jury NullificationCould you explain what "Jury Nullification" is, and why judges never mention it when giving instructions to jurors?
TrademarksI have what I think is a fabulous idea for a clothing line. I want to make sure there isn’t already a trademark on my product name so I can move forward. How do I search that out?
Police JurisdictionI was wondering, is a police officer from "city A" allowed to make a traffic stop in "city B"? Does it matter if the two cities are in the same county or not?
Lost PackagesI recently ordered about $200 worth of clothes for my daughter from an online store that requires an adult signature for all deliveries [and had it delivered to my wife’s workplace]. Problem is: the carrier shows that the package was received, but my wife never got it.

At this point, I am ready to ask my wife's employer to reimburse me for the value of the lost items. However, she is hesitant for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that the package was personal, not business-related.

Is it unreasonable to expect to be repaid for the value of items in a package that was lost while in their custody, or are we just out of luck here?
Insanity PleaHi, Legal Lad. I'm confused about the insanity defense. If it's obvious that a person committed a crime (say, murder), but is also obviously mentally incapable of understanding his/her actions, why isn't that person GUILTY by reason of insanity? Why is it always NOT GUILTY by reason of insanity?

Today's workout statistics:
Exercise Type
Calories Burned
or Area Worked






Upper Body





I edited most of the evening tonight.
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