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Edited from home, a soup kick, a record-breaking workout, and more editing...

I edited from home today. In the "background," I did three loads of laundry—(1) whites (mostly workout clothes), (2) darks, and (3) sheets & towels.

I listened in on a two-hour conference call, the first topic of which was pertinent, interesting, and well-presented. The second topic was pertinent, but a real snoozer of a presentation. The other five or so topics were nondescript.

I'm on a little bit of a soup kick right now. Here are some of the soups currently in my pantry (hover for names that aren't clear):

Today was an all-cardio day at the gym today. This is the first time I've done a whole hour at level 4 on the elliptical machine.

On the TV above me, Celine Dion was on Oprah, and the closed captions were displaying her singing Because You Loved Me, so I wheeled my iPod: Music > Artists > Celine Dion > All > Because You Loved Me. By the time my version started, it was about three lines behind what was on the TV. An out-of-sync multimedia presentation.

Today's workout statistics:




This is the widest margin to date by which I've beat a previous "Calories Burned" record. Again I ask, "Who's counting?" And again, I answer, "I think you know."

I had grilled fish fillets for dinner, some corn, the last half of the Golden Mushroom soup I had earlier in the week, and some Ben & Jerry's Pistachio ice cream for dessert. Yum!

I edited until bedtime. Still not done.

I logged into work, and sent what I have done so far for two reasons:

  1. I want the writers to assess what I've marked so far, both in terms of the emphasized text and plethora of parenthetical expressions, and its potential application to the other books of theirs I have in my queue, and

  2. This guide, which started out as a 2M PDF file is now up to over 11M with all of the comments I've added to it, and it's taking way too long to add new comments and save it. I'm going to start on the next chapter in a copy of the original file so it'll be more manageable.
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