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Floor & ceiling perspectives, upper body workout, accepted as a delegate, and dancing...

Look at the floor of this bathroom...

and the ceiling of this smoking area...

I met Kevin (av8rdude) at the gym this morning, where I did the upper body machines and cardio today.

Today's statistics:
Exercise Type
Calories Burned
or Area Worked






Upper Body





After working out, at about 11:30, Eric (etiger986) met Kevin and I at the Bruegger's at Mission Valley, where Kevin and I had a bagel and coffee. Eric had eaten lunch at Burger King.

Eric and I spent a couple of hours at Helios, where he played WoW, and I was supposed to edit, but ended up working on my blog, and calendaring, and just generally procrastinating editing, until Kevin arrived at just after 2:00 and Eric left for work.

I had Helios' #6 for lunch: their turkey, avocado, cheddar, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. I had it on a wrap instead of bread.

In my U.S. mail today was notice that I've officially been accepted into the People to People Technical Communications delegation to China! Yay!

With that came a delegate identification number, which allowed me to login to the delegation web site, where under "Delegation Roster," I saw that so far there are only three of us (including the leader, so really only one other person) signed up for our delegation so far.

This was both surprising and disappointing to me, as there are over 15,000 members of STC, and it'll take 15 delegates in order for this trip to actually happen, so any way you slice it, only 3 people signed up so far is not promising.

In the information sent in the mail, I did find out that it's an extra $995 to have a single room, which is at just about the maximum I'd be willing to pay for it, so I'll most likely do that. I also found out that the optional trip extension to Hong Kong is an extra three days and another $1495, but I'll probably do that as well.

Dancing was fun enough tonight. We had a lot of dancers, and we reviewed that new dance called Settlin', which I wanted to drop out of several times during it, but hung in there with a self-talk attitude check each time I thought, "I hate this dance."

I only had one drink all night, as actually, I was feeling a little dizzy at times this evening—both at home before going, and while there. Also, as a complete (health) aside, my abs hurt today specifically from the last machine in my lower body workout yesterday.
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