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Smiling dogs, working out, book club, Carnival Cruise FunPass, and some editing...

I suppose it's okay to take poetic license in obituaries, but I'm going call this one outright hyperbole:

"She always made animals smile and flowers bloom."

Always made animals smile? This customer begs to differ.

I did IBM edit work for a good portion of today.

I got to the gym from 4:00–5:00 today. During my workout, I listened to the podcast episode The Story: Foreclosures.

Today's workout statistics:




Not to sound like a broken record, but that's a broken record in terms of calories burned.

I met Sharon, Suzanne, Mary, and Janet at the Barnes & Noble in Cary tonight from 7:00–9:00 for our monthly Mostly Social Book Club meeting.

We're reading The Shipping News, but not quickly. We're all (well, those of us who have started it are) struggling with the writing style of the book. We talked about it long enough to determine that, and to agree that we should be grown-ups and forge on.

I mentioned the quote above, about the woman in today's obits who could make dogs smile, and Janet, who is a dog-lover at heart, ran over to get an issue of Bark Magazine (how convenient to have been in a book store), and showed me that indeed some dogs do seem to smile. I have to say this group does seem to be at least smirking:


At home after book club, I logged into the Carnival Cruise website, where I filled out a "FunPass," which will allow us to board the ship quicker, have an expense account all set up ahead of time, and pick our excursions at our two port calls.

I edited for a little while more tonight, before hitting the sack.
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