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Adobecards, frustrating work, newsletter judging, a late workout, and Joe's 40th planned...

This is an incredible visual creation. Let it load all the way, and then slowly move the slide bar at the bottom from left to right. The sound is not critical, but it adds to the experience. (Totally SFW.)

I worked from home today, and attended an excruciating conference call from 3:00–4:00 about our editing council's goals and objectives for our 2008 PBCs.

Right after that, I got into a little argument with my manager during an instant message conversation. The resolution was, basically me saying to her, "I don't agree with what you want me to do, but since you're insisting, I'm going to do it."

Not exactly an I-Love-My-Job day today. The good news is that I got a $1500 bonus in this period's paycheck, when I thought I wasn't getting one at all this year.

I spent a couple of hours judging one set of those STC newsletters. Tedious. Not fun. Cranky.

I had a late workout tonight, from 8:15PM–9:15PM. I listened to an episode of The Story podcasts, called Taking a Different Route, followed by a short one called Remembering Joey.

This was good radio as just about every episode of The Story and This American Life are, though it's not one I would rant and rave about and insist people take a listen to. I did think Remembering Joey was just a sweet, sweet story, a synopsis by the author that reads:

Joey was a Downs Syndrome kid that lived on our block 4 houses from mine… Joey was not allowed out of the house. He lived on the second floor. [But] Joey spent his childhood playing with us from the windows in his house.
-Karen Dalton

Today's workout statistics:




As a complete aside: I mentioned This American Life above. This week's episode is actually about a family mystery of a friend of mine, and a fellow LiveJournaler, swindunbar, and it's called The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar.

In a post several weeks ago, he (Swin) talked about going down to Wilmington, I believe it was, to be interviewed on his perspective of the family mystery.

It must be a compelling story, or at least a long one, as they have deviated from their normal format of three stories on a theme. The entire episode is devoted to this story. I haven't listened to it yet.

Joe has finally booked his birthday trip, on which I'll be joining him! We will be departing Monday, April 21st and returning Saturday, April 26th on a Carnival's 5-Day Western Caribbean cruise. Sweet!

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