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Worked from home, worked out, ate in, napped, did some laundry, and prepped some food...

I worked from home today.

I met Kevin (av8rdude) at the gym to work out from 4:45-5:45.

While exercising, I listened to the February 29th episode of This American Life entitled, "Human Resources":

The true story of little-known rooms in the New York City Board of Education building. Teachers are told to report there instead of their classrooms. No reason is usually given.

When they arrive, they find they've been put on some kind of probationary status, and they must report every day until the matter is cleared up. They call it the Rubber Room. Average length of stay? Months, sometimes years.

Plus, other stories of the uneasy interaction between humans and their institutions.

I found the first story (the one about the "Rubber Room" described above), and the third story (about how our government runs several Chimpanzee Retirement Centers, one complete with their own rooms, TVs, VCRs, and CD players) absolutely incredible—particularly when thinking about the millions of tax dollars spent on theses things annually.

On the elliptical machine, I upped my level from 3 to 4, in an effort to partially make up for my lesser weight. I wasn't aggressive today, though, but I did what I was "feeling," and I'm okay with that.

Today's workout statistics:




No, the 62 number is not a typo. My usual elliptical machine was in use, and the first one I got on didn't feel right, as when I started on it, it shook and made a continuous noise. After two minutes, and 31 calories burned (of course, I checked to "port" them), I started over on the next machine over, which I did for 60 minutes and 1077 burned calories.

I had a grilled fish fillet for dinner, along with some beef mushroom soup. Yum!

I put in a load of darks, and just after moving them to the dryer, lay down for a two-hour nap, which turned into a three-and-a-half-hour one.

Once up, I fluffed up the clothes for 20 minutes, and during that time, peeled and ate a most delicious orange. I also unloaded the dishwasher, and made up some McCormick Grill Mates® Southwest marinade, in which I marinated 1.25 pounds of ground turkey for 20 minutes.

After draping the clothes over a chair to keep from re-wrinkling, I browned the marinated ground turkey, and put it away for a nice taco salad (minus-the-taco) tomorrow. Perhaps I should just call it a "Southwestern Salad."

And, finally, kitchen-wise at least, I chopped up an onion to be ready for the salad tomorrow, too.

I folded the clothes, and most of them ended up on top of the dresser, because it's so much farther to reach down, open the drawers, and put things in the drawers. Bless my lazy mess.
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