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Breakfast w/Steve, working out, mystery poster revealed, half-price dinner out, and some pool...

I met my friend Steve for breakfast and some wonderful conversation at Helios this morning. Both of us managed to remember, and adjust accordingly to, Daylight Saving Time [It's Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time!] arriving there at 9:30 as planned, instead of 8:30 10:30 had we not "sprung forward."

I had a Sesame Bagel with Cream Cheese for breakfast, and Steve had one with melted Swiss Cheese on his. It was all good.

I worked hard during my workout today, but the results don't really reflect it. I'm at that point again, where I'm in between the five-pound increments of weight that you can enter into the machine, and I entered in the five-pound mark below what I actually weigh, because I'd rather err on the lower side than the higher side. To that end, I actually burned off more calories than what is reflected. But I [obsessively] digress...

I listened to the following slate.com daily podcasts during the hour:

Bugs Bunny vs. Daffy Duck
Could a Coffee Maker Be Worth $11,000
Gone in 60 Seconds
How to be a Better Browser
Sexual Satisfaction
The Wisdom of Chaperones

I found every one of those podcasts compelling, which rarely happens. I've included links to each of their transcripts in case you're interested in seeing what they're about, as their titles are often not at all suggestive of their "real" topics.

Today's statistics:




Checking my blog at home, I had a delightful update from my mystery anonymous commenter(s) about my China trip. Sweet!

After a shower, I met Joe at Stool Pigeons, where we enjoyed their killer 16 oz. $4.50 Bloody Marys, and ate from their anything-on-the-menu-half-price-all-day-Sunday offering. Joe and I split an order of nachos, I had their Asian Salad, and he had the Chicken Quesadillas. It was all good.

We had a quick cup of coffee at Helios, because Joe wanted some coffee, and I wanted to patronize them since we'd parked in their parking lot to eat at Stool Pigeons. (Actually Joe parked there; I ended up getting a spot on the street. But, still.)

After that, we went to Flex, where we played three games of free pool. Joe won two out of three, which I'm laughing typing, because we talked about how neither of us "keeps track" of who "wins" when we play. Except, I do. But it's not because it matters; it's just so that I can put it in my blog. Bless my mess.

At about 8:20, Joe got a phone call from his sister, which he took in the bathroom, because that's where you get the best cell phone reception down in that hole that is Flex. (The club actually is underground.) After 20 minutes, I went in there and mouthed to him, "I'm falling asleep out there. I'm heading home."

I wanted to get out of there before that Drag Queen Karaoke started, and did.
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