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Ranting, exercising, and editing...

Earlier this week, I was reading a frivolous article on msn.com about bad wedding advice. This was one of the things in it:

Bad Advice: 
"I was recently a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding. I'm also engaged and was amazed when she told me I couldn't wear my engagement ring during her wedding because it was larger than hers... ridiculous!" —Scarlet, Longview, TX

Our Advice: 
Being upstaged by a bridesmaid can be a very real fear for some brides. Handle the situation gently—explain that you'd rather not take off the ring for personal reasons. If she persists, remove it to avoid more drama.

Here's what my advice would have been: 
"Tell your friend how pathetic her judgment is about what's important in life, and that you
love her like a sister, but she can go fuck herself if she thinks you're going to take off your ring to avoid revealing what a cheap husband she is about to get."—John, Raleigh, NC

And speaking of f---ed up priorities and what's important, is anyone else as appalled at this as I am?

People magazine has struck a deal to pay Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony $6 million for the first photographs of their twins, said MSNBC.com. The magazine paid Christina Aguilera $2 million for this week's cover photo of the singer with her newborn, Max, said Jossip.com, and $1 million for a shot of Harlow, the newborn daughter of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.

Editors said the latest round of spending is only a warm-up up for an eventual photo of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's next child. "I can't even put a number on it," said Katie Caperton, a deputy editor at OK! magazine. "That's huge."

Perhaps Jennifer and Marc can use some of that baby booty to pay off this:

Jennifer Lopez, expecting twins later this month, has paid for a lavish private suite at a New York hospital that has been sealed until she gets there, says the New York Post. The 38-year-old singer's suite at North Shore Medical Center has been specially remodeled with wooden floors, leather furniture, and a big-screen TV.

Lopez and husband Marc Anthony are so worried that kidnappers might try to snatch their babies that the hospital staff is rehearsing, "Code Pink" drills. Meanwhile, no one is allowed to enter the suite, which has "been sitting empty for two weeks now," says a source. "It's just sitting there for her."

I had absolutely no idea that wooden floors, leather furniture, and big-screen TVs were kidnapping deterrents. Where have I been?

Whew! With my rant out of the way, I can proceed with the accounting of my day...

I edited from home this morning, and from Helios this afternoon.

My quads are sore today. Interesting. I guess the treadmill works different muscles than the elliptical machine. Oh well, it's the good kind of pain—the pain of progress.

I cooked a Zesty Herb Turkey Tenderloin for an hour at 325°, and once it was done, I headed to the gym.

I listened to a fascinating, at times heart-wrenching, at more times heart-warming episode of The Story called, "The Manny." Another one of those radio stories worth turning off the TV for, lighting some candles, and enjoying a glass of wine (or a bourbon and diet) with.

Today's workout statistics:




Back home, I had some of the turkey tenderloin, along with a bowl of tomato basil soup. It was all good.

After dinner, I edited until just after midnight.
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