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My food day in pictures, working from home, and exercising podcasts...

I edited from home today. I'm in the midst of a 213-page book. Also, I participated in the first 5 minutes of the ITIM IDD Team Meeting, of which I'm the first thing on the agenda, and then bow out.

Today's entry might be awl about the food, which my days often are, though I don't always document it.

Also, I think I'll do it all in pictures. You can hover over an item if there is any doubt about what I ate.


A hard-boiled eggTwo turkey sausage patties (no, not the whole box)

Mid-morning snack

Sliced canned cling peachesSliced pineapleRed, seedless grapes


Black Peppercorn-Marinated Chicken and Cheddar Wrap


[A real breath blow-out dinner: garlic and onions. ]

One fillet of Garlic Butter grilled fishFrench Onion soupWatermelon chunks for dessert

I really wasn't into my workout today, but persisted through it. I listened to the following NPR Story of the Day podcasts during the hour:

College Restores Artwork by Poet e.e. cummings (Yes, he painted, too!)
The Second City Skewers Obama and Clinton
Artists Lament Polaroid's Latest Development
A Donkey's Tale: When Urban Sprawl Encroaches
Religion Survey Finds Many Americans Swap Faiths
Therapists Look to Wii Games for Rehab Benefits
A Beguiling Bluegrass Classic: 'Ruby'
Do Voices Give Candidates Presidential Timbre
Mastodons in Manhattan: A Botanical Puzzle
Smurfs at 50: Ready for a Comeback

The one on swapping faiths was pretty interesting. A study by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has found that "44 percent of adults change their religious affiliation from that of their childhood." I fall into that category.

The survey showed that the biggest move-to group is "unaffiliated" Americans. "That group is gaining more members than it's losing," Lugo says — but he points out that not everyone in that group is "unreligious." Among Americans ages 18 to 29, one-in-four said he or she is not affiliated with any religion.

That's me again—well not in that age group, but unaffiliated. I was raised Catholic and am now unaffiliated—and don't see that changing any time soon, if ever.

Podcast here. Survey results here.

Today's workout statistics:




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