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Editing, Tidy Up, MBD ad, working out, Pizza Day, and podcasts...

I edited from home today.

Three short, banned IKEA commercials. (A minute-and-a-half total, and safe for work.)

This from Manbites Dog's distribution list, and as I said yesterday:

Hello everyone!  Haven't seen DYING CITY yet?  Here's a description of what you're missing:

"Superb"... compelling... live theater at its best"
- Orla Swift, News and Observer

Yes, it's all those things and more, and it's also the final week for DYING CITY, a gripping drama about the unexpected repercussions of a soldier's death in Iraq for his wife and his twin brother. It's a great show, with stunning performances by Jay O'Berski as twin brothers Craig and Peter, and Dana Marks as Craig's wife, Kelly.

But don't take our word for it. See the reviews by going here:
http://www.manbitesdogtheater.org/242/ or just ask someone who's seen it. [I'm one of those people. I found the play riveting and compelling. With regards to the quote above, I thought at one point while watching the performance, "This is the electricity of live theater." It's well worth the time, the money, and the drive to Durham.]

Trust us, you really do not want to miss this.

You've got just four more chances to catch it:
Wednesday-Saturday March 5-8 at 8:15 here at Manbites Dog. (Yes, that's correct -- no Sunday show!)
After Saturday it's gone with the wind, so make your plans now.

During my workout today, I watched / read (closed captioned) some of Oprah's "The Big Give," and I listened to some slate.com podcasts, too many of which, for my taste, were about politics:

American Idols, International Edition
The Case for CFLs
Obama's RFK Moment
Remembering Reagan
Preacher to the Choir
Taxing to the Darkside
Crazy Talk
Opening Up a Can of Obama

Today's workout statistics:




Today was Pizza Day at the gym, and I had a slice of sausage and mushroom, which was yummy, yummy, yummy.

I slipped into the Harris Teeter next door before heading home. The guy bagging my groceries asked, "Have they put the pizza out at the gym yet?"

I cleaned and separated grapes into serving size containers. I marinated chicken breast fillets in black peppercorn marinade, and then cooked and diced them for wraps.

While doing that, I listened to several slate.com Explainer podcasts:

Why did William F. Buckley Jr. Talk Like That?
Trial By No Jury?
Airplane Asphyxiation
Fix the Flu Shot
The $60 Million Missile
25,000 Inhabitants 2,500 Years Ago
Why Recall Two-Year-Old Ground Beef?
How To Steal a European Painting
What Makes Sugar Explode?
Guns in Space
Is Voter Turnout Better Than Ever?
Why is Florida God's Waiting Room?
Gaza: The Basics

I did more editing this evening.
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