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A fat breakfast, a podcasty workout, Manbites' Dying City, and an early night out...

Robert ran to Wendy's this morning, where he purchased the aforementioned calorie collection for us for breakfast.

I have to say that my initial reaction was that it was good, but not that good, which I guess, is probably tainted by my knowledge of its nutritional makeup.

Oh well, it didn't stop me from eating it. And, I thank you my sweet, for treating for breakfast.

During my workout today, I listened to a bunch of NPR Story of the Day podcasts, including:

Bugs Bunny: The Trickster, American Style
Mysteries of Snow Revealed
The Rules of Attraction May Turn on Our Voices
Resolving to Retire with a Nest Egg
American Noodleman Big in Japan
Nigella Lawson Shares New Year's Food Traditions
U.S. Soldiers Let Their Music Tell the Story
Red Wine Pills: Buyer Beware
Clever Detective Solves Rash of Dallas Burglaries

Today's workout statistics:




I met Robert in Durham for the 3:15 matinée of Manbites Dog Theater's production of Dying City. OMG. If you love live theater, do yourself a favor and go see this play!

Manbites does such incredible work in my opinion. There is a gay element to this play, which I didn't know, so it wasn't what drew me to it. There are only four play dates left: this Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The tickets are $17 (at least that was the matinée price), and it's 70 minutes long with no intermission. Buy your tickets here, and pick them up at Will Call.

I decided to drop by Flex early this evening in order to get the hell out of there before Drag Queen Karaoke started at 10:00, which I'm glad to say I successfully managed to do.

When I got there, Military Mary was there, and he asked me if Joe was coming down, as Ben and Dale were on their way. I phoned Joe, who did indeed end up meeting us there.

Ben and Dale got there first, and I played about seven games of pool alternating between playing against Dale and Ben. Later, Ben and I played a few games against Joe and Dale.

A little later "the movie group" came in: Robert Fox, Rick Enlow, and their friend, David. And later yet, Phil and Joe dropped by.

At just before 10:00, and just before Winniebago sang her opening karaoke song, Joe and I headed over to The Borough for some snackage. He got an appetizer plate, and I got their super-fantastically-delicious Über Wisconsin.

I received this incredibly sweet e-card from Robert tonight:

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