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Happy Birthday Mom, Queen City Stomp registration, news bites, and dancing...

Today is my mother's 76th birthday.

I registered us (not my mother and me, but Robert and me) for Queen City Stomp 2008 today.

I spent a few hours of my day editing today.

I spent no time at the gym today.

No more crying over onions

In an exciting breakthrough for cooks everywhere, genetic engineers have managed to create 'tear-free" onions. Chopping onions makes us cry because it releases an enzyme that, in turn, produces a noxious gas containing sulfur, which irritates the eyes. When scientists "turned off" the gene that makes the enzyme, they came up with onions that were the same in every way, except that they could be cut without stinging the eyes.

The new onions won't lose their oniony taste, promises Colin Eady, director of New Zealand's Crop and Food institute. "We anticipate that the health and flavor profiles will actually be enhanced by what we've done," Eady tells Agence France-Presse. "We'll essentially have a lot of the nice, sweet aromas associated with onions without that associated bitter, pungent, tear-producing factor."

Since it will take time to mass-engineer such onions, don't expect them in the supermarket for at least a decade.

~Source: The Week~

Deadly fruit that kills 10 times more people than sharks

Falling coconuts kill 150 people throughout the world every year—10 times the number of people killed by sharks.

~Source: The Week~

I made blackened chicken fajita wraps for dinner tonight.

How to sulk

Sulking is an emotional strike action. You must never agree to anything, only acquiesce.

  • When someone asks if he should bring in the newspaper, you say, "If that's what you want to do."

  • Out of sight is out of mind. Stay in the same room, but pretend other people are not there.

  • Eye contact is a big no-no. If someone were to do anything funny or loving and you were to see it, you might inadvertently smile, and the sulk would be irreparably damaged. Once you've unsulked you can't then resulk.

  • A sulk can last anywhere between seven minutes and seven years. Stop only when you have had a mixture of complete attention, physical reassurance, and a major admission of guilt and selfishness.
~Source: London Guardian~

Someone thought it would be a good idea to bring a huge German Shepherd into Flex tonight and let it roam around and approach people that 1) might be allergic to dogs, 2) might not like dogs, 3) might love dogs, but not particularly in bars, or 4) thought that the line-dancing floor was for, well, line-dancing and not negotiating around a German Shepherd.

With that aside, it was an okay night of dancing. From an exercise perspective, it was the only exercise I got today, so I'll take it.
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