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Working out, eating out, Zoom's 50th @ The View, and some free pool at Flex...

I met Kevin (av8rdude) to work out at 10:00 this morning, with the intention of stopping by Wendy's afterwards to try this:

This is the "regular" one. The reason I wanted to try it is that they have a special version right now, where the biscuit is cinnamon and raisin and the sausage is maple-flavored. That sounds so yummy to me.

Of course this part doesn't sound yummy to me, as it will consume over half of my workout:

Calories: 580
Total Fat(g): 42
Saturated(g): 21
Trans Fat(g): 0
Cholesterol(mg): 205
Sodium(mg): 1630
Carbs(g): 32
Fiber(g): 2
Sugar(g): 5
Protein(g): 19

As it turned out, Wendey's stopped serving breakfast at 11:00, so our 11:15 arrival made it a no-go. We went to Finch's instead.

Today's workout statistics:




I like how the word EXERCISE is growing in my tag cloud out to the left of the entries here. One of my goals this year is for that tag to get bigger than the BAR TALK tag, which is the one I use whenever I go out to "da cluuubs." [For those of you not familiar with how they work, the more you use one, the bigger it gets.]

Late this afternoon, at 5:30, I attended a 50th birthday celebration for Mark Zumbach at The View in Legends. Wayne, and his partner David, were the hosts, whom I just love. Smart guys and good-looking to boot.

They had gotten Mark the "birthday set" of a line of accessories with the brand name of "Starring Me," which in and of itself was hysterical to me: a tiara, a feather boa, a wand, some earrings, a necklace, and a locket.

This is what I love about gay men: their creativity. After about 20 minutes, and two glasses of Makers Mark on the rocks, Mark had converted several of the accessories as follows: the feather boa became hair, which had a definite Phyllis Diller look to it; the tiara was inverted and wore around his neck to make an incredibly fabulous choker; and the locket had become a monocle. I've asked Wayne to send me "before and after" pictures.

We had lots of laughs over the course of a couple of hours, especially during one particularly rapidly downward spiraling conversation about Bloody Marys, taken to the ultimate extreme, of course, by Med. God it was funny.

At Helios, I waited for Joe, who was on a second date with Rob of Missed Connections fame. He called at about 8:40, and we ended up just meeting at Flex, where we played about six games of pool. I think he won all but one game.

It was quite dead in there for about the third Friday in a row. Phil and Joe stopped by for a while, and we spent a little time talking with them. I left Joe talking with Allen at about 11:30.

Happy Leap Day/Year

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