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Working out, a thank-you-for-the-thank-you note, Sweet Tomatoes dinner, and coffee...

Kevin (av8rdude) and I decided to work out at 9:00 this morning, and 10:00 tomorrow morning, based on his conference calls schedule for each day.

I am not a morning person, so I guess it's no surprise that the negative-speak started on the ride to the gym today: I'm tired. Still half asleep. Maybe I'll only do the treadmill today instead of the elliptical. Just enough to get my heart rate up. Blah. Blah. Blah.

As a complete aside: I really tried not to watch any of Regis on the TV hanging above me this morning, but my attention was caught when Raven-Symoné came on, whom I thought was Jennifer Hudson until the closed-captions indicated otherwise. I've always secretly suspected that Regis is gay, but Raven-Symoné got him and that woman who co-hosts with him up, and tried to make them "groove" a little with some "hip" dancing.

Regis is so not gay; bless his heart. [That is, if you can gauge a man's gaiety by his groovability.] Watching him dance, gay or straight, I repeat:  Bless his heart.

Today's workout statistics:




I got home at 10:13.

On Tuesday, I mailed five hand-written thank-you cards to the folks who took the time to enter the nice things about me noted in this blog entry. Basically, it was to: (1) thank them for the time and energy to write what they did, (2) tell them that they were "the wind beneath my wings," and (3) thank them "for the lift."

I got this cute e-mail today from one of them, Jen:

Aren't you the sweetest thing! I don't like to do the "thank you for the thank you" thing but your card was very thoughtful. You absolutely deserve the award and I'm so pleased to have been able to work with you, even just for half of the year!  -Jen

I worked from home today.

I could have sworn that I bought my mother a birthday card some time in the last two weeks, but I can't find it anywhere. I know I at least had one in my hand at the Family Dollar Store.

Now what's possible is that I had the 50-cent card in my hand and thought, "My mother always sends me such thoughtful, very emotional, showing-lots-of-love kind of cards, and they're almost always Hallmarks. Maybe I should get her a Hallmark, too."

All that is to say that I need to get her a card tonight, which I'll put in the mail tomorrow to her, since her birthday this year is not the day after February 28th like it is the other 75% of the years.

I met Joe for dinner at the Sweet Tomatoes in Cary, where I overate, albeit a lot of it salad. But there was the one strip of Asiago Garlic Bread, two strips of Pizza Bread, and the soft ice cream with caramel syrup on top for dessert.

We had a cup of coffee at Panera's after that, which involved a lot of drama at the cash register for two reasons—one being that I thought the amount showing, $3.29, was the total, but she had actually already keyed in my $5, and that was the change, and the other being that I said, "Oh, I have $.30," which she took with a look of horror on her face, since she was then going to have to calculate the new change amount in her head. Adding to the confusion, of course, was the fact that the extra $.30 was for the $3.29, which was the change, not the amount due.

After a half hour or so of yammering there, we went to Target, where I bought:

So much for a Hallmark card.
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