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Judging, working out, Games Night, an award, and some free pool...

I spent a few hours today starting on a commitment that I have to judge entries in the 2007-2008 Newsletter Competition of the Society for Technical Communication.

I met Kevin (av8rdude) at Planet Fitness at 1:30 for a workout. I stepped the level up from 3 to 4 today, about which I have mixed emotions. I guess I worked out harder, but the burned calories didn't reflect it. But I also know that fitness isn't all about burning calories.

At any rate, today's statistics:




Tonight was the long anticipated (by me, at least) STC Games Night. It was lots of fun. I love playing word games with "word people." I played Uncommon Sense, Pictionary, and The Da Vinci Quest.

At a break in the action, Sarah (the faculty advisor to the STC student chapter), called everyone's attention to award a Distinguished Service Award for Students— to me!  The citation on the plaque says, "For your exceptional leadership and unending enthusiasm for the NC State University Student Community."

In the submission, Sarah (the advisor), Kim (who was the President at the time of the submission for the award), and Jen, Brian, and Andrew (who were Web Master, Secretary, and Co-President, respectively, during my time as President), and who all are quality people (How else would I have been so successful?) contributed input on my behalf in the award application:


John Martin deserves to be recognized for his outstanding dedication and enthusiasm for our student community. He has served valiantly as both the newsletter editor and president. He has created new programs and strengthened partnerships with faculty and members of our local professional chapter.

But most importantly, he has served the needs of our students while making being part of STC a FUN experience! He was inducted into Sigma Tau Chi last year, which is a testament to his commitment to both STC and his own academic pursuits. Our student community was awarded the Community of Distinction Award in May and John was instrumental in meeting and exceeding all the requirements for that award.


Why does John Martin deserve a distinguished chapter service award? Because he is—hands-down—the most energetic, enthusiastic, productive and dedicated STC member I know! When I was President of the NC State chapter of STC last year and John was the Newsletter Editor, he far out shined his responsibilities. John always offered his help and was willing to pitch in to make a program or event a success. While consistently producing award-winning newsletters (and working and completing his Master's degree), he woke up early to promote a benefit concert, helped organize two unconferences, and provided unmitigated enthusiasm for planning and carrying out events for the community.

Rarely does one find a person who is both a motivating leader and a willing and helpful follower, but John is both. I absolutely supported him in becoming a Co-President for the chapter this year and know that he has helped organize and promote a number of high-quality activities for STC members—about three a month! Often I find myself wondering if he even sleeps. Or, perhaps, if he has a twin! Whatever it is, there is no doubt in my mind that John is passionate about sharing and promoting technical communication in his community and is an exemplar of service for the STC. There is no one who deserves this award more than him.


Aside from John's excellent organizational and people skills, I admire his leadership qualities. John is an independent thinker who isn't afraid to question why something has always been done a certain way. He is a creative problem solver and a team builder. A good leader has to have the ability to question the status quo and forge into new territory. I believe John has done this during his tenure.


John has been a great leader, filled with confidence and good ideas. It's very clear that he cares for our group and is genuinely excited about all the opportunities and successes our organization has had. He has been an integral part of the chapter's achievements over the last few years.


In my mind, John Martin is the foundation on which the NCSU Student Community is built. As president, he has been the driving force behind virtually every aspect of our community and its activities. Organizing and conducting meetings, coordinating social and community service activities, overseeing our student chapter newsletter, and working to strengthen relationships with faculty and our local professional chapter are just a few of the ways John has demonstrated his leadership and commitment to our student community. John exemplifies everything a chapter president should be. It has been a privilege to work alongside him.

All of this is incredibly affirming, of course, and well, just warms my heart.

After Games Night, I met Joe at Flex, where we played a couple of games of pool against each other, and then two games of Cutthroat with David, the Tuesday night karaoke emcee.

We called it a night fairly early, around midnight, but before going home we had an absolute feeding frenzy in my car, consisting of leftovers from Games Night—Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips and Chocolate Cake! Salty, sweet, Salty, sweet.
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