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A cougher, working from home and Helios, exercising and reading...

I was a bad sleeping partner last night. In the middle of the night, Robert nudged me and said, "Do you have any cough suppressant?" When I answered no, he moved into the bed in the guest bedroom for the rest of the night.

I don't blame him at all. He had to be up at 5:50 this morning, when I would reset the alarm for 9:00, and roll over for another three hours worth of sleep.

I worked from home this morning, and from Helios this afternoon. On the way to Helios, I dropped off the two cards from the dancers to Rick at the post office.  I had a fun e-mail exchange with Rick about them today. He's so much better. Yay!

While at Helios, Michael Lester (a.k.a. Cruella) stopped by my table long enough to tell me that he will be auditioning in Atlanta on Monday for the TV show America's Got Talent. Of course, not having a TV, I've never seen (or even heard of) this show.

I give him credit for chasing his dream, and if he wins, I'll have a millionaire friend. Not that it's all about me.

I finished the tedious, tedious edit I've been working on this week, and just before leaving Helios, e-mailed it to Christie and the two developers who wrote it.

I worked out from about 6:30-7:30, and it wasn't as crowded in there as I'd expected it to be at that hour. Again, I listened to more of In Cold Blood on my iPod while doing the elliptical machine.

I had a very intentional workout today. That is, I felt good, realized it, and stayed focused on my pace throughout—ending in a record-breaking Calories Burned count. Yay!

Today's workout statistics:




Afterwards, I had a killer salad for dinner, followed by a dessert of fresh, sliced strawberries with Cool Whip. Yum!

This evening, I listened to some more of In Cold Blood, and in bed, started reading The Shipping News.
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