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Dangerous double-dipping, soap as a function of people and shower doors, editing, and exercising...

Watch out for double dippers

If you see someone dipping a half-eaten chip into the guacamole at your next party, beware: "Double-dipping" can spread cold and flu viruses and other germs.

Inspired by an episode of Seinfeld  in which the character George Costanza is caught double-dipping, professor Paul Dawson enlisted undergraduate students to dip a chip they'd already bitten into bowls of chocolate syrup, cheese dip, and salsa. He found that after three to six re-dips, the students had transferred 10,000 aerobic bacteria from their mouths to the dip bowl. Of the three dips, salsa wound up with the most bacteria because its runny consistency allowed it to drip from a dipped chip back into the bowl.

"Before you have some dip at a party," Dawson tells The New York Times, "look around and ask yourself, 'Would I be willing to kiss everyone here?'"

I had the most incredible tasting orange this morning.

This, one of the recent indexed blog entries, struck a chord with me, as I just cleaned my shower stall:

Something's always scummy

For the graphophobic among you, read: The more soap used in the shower, the more clean people get, but the less clean shower doors get.

The Internet made me feel like a Lesbian today. Whenever I have any repair work to do, my first inclination is to hire a Lesbian to do it for me.

In December, I received an IBM Thanks award (thanks, av8rdude!), with which you can pick from a variety of nice gifts. I chose a watch, since I terribly scratched the face of my current one in a tumble I took in the Pedal for Pediatrics ride that Joe and I did in October of 2003.  Lord it's been that long that I've been looking at the time through this terribly scratched face?

Anyhoo, these gifts come in the mail, so when for instance, you get a watch with a band that's too big for you, you're pretty much on your own. I've been meaning to drop by a kiosk in the mall to get it resized, well, since December now.

Today I decided to google "How to remove a link from a watch band" and voilà... not only did I find instructions, they actually worked!

My watch now fits beautifully, and the face is flawless.  It's about time!   [Pun totally intended.]

I worked from home this morning, and from Helios this afternoon.  This was one of my twitter messages at one point during the day today:

John is pondering the surprisingly slight difference between: editing a document authored by an ESL person and editing one authored by a computer programmer.

Things that make you go, "Hmmmm."

Kevin joined me at around 3:00, and we stayed there until about 6:00, both enjoying the Turkey-Cheddar-Avocado sandwich in a wrap for a late lunch.

I got to the gym at 8:25PM. Kevin got there at around 8:50. I stopped at 8:15, so I could meet Joe at Flex for karaoke at 10:00.

Today's workout statistics:




Karaoke was okay tonight. That Chastity (the hostess) can yammer until the fucking cows come home.

Neither Joe nor I were feeling all that great tonight, so we left there at about 11:30. We stopped at Shanghai Express on the way home, where he had Cashew Chicken, and I had Steamed Dumplings.

When I got home, and went to turn off my cell phone, it read, 12:13. Upstairs I walked into my room to go use the bathroom, and my clock flipped—just then—to 12:13. After using the bathroom, I walked into my computer room, where the digital clock read—you guessed it—12:13.

Things that make you go, "Hmmmm," again.
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