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Dinner with the Tech Comm grads/IBMers, editing from Helios, and working out...

From this week's PostSecrets. This is a case-and-a-half of sad to me. Though, I can't decide what's sadder—the fact that either no one thought that much of him, or that he had no idea that if they threw a party for him no one would come. However, the good news, of course, is that he loves his job anyway.

I met some Tech-Comm-grad-student-alumni-turned-IBMers today at Johnny Carinos in Brier Creek for lunch at 1:00: Courtney, Milton, and Will. Lunch was organized by Amelia, but at about ten 'til, she texted in sick.

Courtney ended lunch by telling us about a recent Snapped episode in which the "contestant" who "snapped" (and killed her mother) was a technical writer with a "large, lucrative software company in the Silicon Valley." We all had a good laugh over that.

A sign of the times. This little girl was going to town on the Internet @ Helios this afternoon:

As you can see, her feet didn't even reach the ground.

I worked from there from about 2:00 until about 6:00, doing guess what—that's right, editing. Kevin
(av8rdude) joined me for about an hour.

Kevin and I evidently miscommunicated at Helios, as I thought we were meeting at the gym at 8:00, and he thought I was going to call him if I was going at 8:00. Oh well. He didn't show up, but it didn't deter me.

Today's workout statistics:




I listened to several more chapters of In Cold Blood during the hour. Also, I ran into my friend Erin LoFrese there. Always good to see her.

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