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Stop the spam, lovin' don't last—cookin' do, singe insurance, dancing, and drag wars...

I did all three of these things today. Save a tree—stop the (U.S. Mail) spam:

dmaconsumer.org, the Direct Marketing Association's site, provides consumers with an "opt-out offer." Pay $1 (actually waived if you do it online) to have your name removed from mailing, telemarketing, and e-mail lists. The association also provides helpful hints to protect you from identity theft.

optoutprescreen.com exists to "stop the credit-card-offer madness." Once you sign up on the site, you can choose to "stop receiving all those offers permanently or for five years at a time." (This one requires you to provide your SS# and Birthday, which I don't particularly like, but I've seen this site advertised in a number of trusted places, and it does have the security lock symbol on the page.)

catalogchoice.org offers a free service to help you "cut off the catalogues" for good. Simply click and select which ones you no longer want—rather than having to call each company to cancel.

Now, I love me some Barbra, but if she really said what's quoted in this blurb from The Week, there are a few self-centered issues going on here.

Barbra Streisand is feuding with stepson Josh Brolin over his decision to play George W. Bush in a movie, says The National Enquirer. (So you know it's true! )

Streisand, 65, a lifelong liberal and outspoken critic of the president, was infuriated when she heard of Brolin's decision, fearing the role would humanize Bush. "How could Josh do this to me?" she asked.

A source says Brolin, 39, refused to back down despite a series of pleading phone calls from Streisand. "He's becoming angry with her," the source says. "He doesn't like being bossed around."

Now Babs, you've said it yourself—you've had a lifetime of therapy, so you know that people are really not going around with the base criteria of their decision-making being, "Oh, wait. Will this decision hurt Barbra Streisand?"

Get a grip, girl.

I cleaned and decapitated a bunch of strawberries today, planning to just add a little sugar to them, and then topping them with some Cool Whip for dinner's dessert this evening.

I made some shrimp salad today, starting with a recipe in Dozens of Dishes, Replacements, Ltd. Employees Share Their Favorite Recipes, and making one substitution (shredded carrots for diced green peppers), and a couple of additions.

I also made up some Cream Cheese Clam Dip, which goes swimmingly with some pretzels, especially the snaps variety. Happy as a clam at high tide.

I had Cajun Blackened Grilled Fillets for dinner last night, with a horseradish-based tarter sauce, the combination of which I really liked.

Seems I'm on a seafood kick.

I bought a new blow dryer today, as my current one is making noise when I use it, and at any time now, I keep imagining a huge flame shooting out and singeing whatever body hair I'm drying at the moment. Can't stand that burning hair smell.

The shrimp salad was disappointing, but that means it's probably on the healthy side. The strawberries were a good, light dessert.

Dancing was festive tonight. We stayed a little bit afterwards, for the start of the Drag Wars show—between members of the Raleigh Kodiaks and the Flex club staff.
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