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Sleeping in, favorite The Week blurbs, errands, working out, and Flex, Legends, & IHOP...

I slept in today, taking advantage of my Fridays off.

Here are three of my favorite blurbs from this week's The Week magazine:

A good week for: Buying gold at a discount, after a Florida memorabilia company minted 10,000 24-karat gold coins engraved with the words, "New England Patriots 19-0 Super Bowl XLII Champions."
A bad week for: Priorities, after a Florida woman was pulled over allegedly with a 24-pack of beer strapped into a seat belt—so it wouldn't be jostled, while a 16-month-old girl was unrestrained in the back seat.

Only in America

The Mississippi legislature is considering a bill that would ban restaurants from serving food to very fat people. The proposed law would revoke the license of any restaurant caught repeatedly feeding the obese.

Mississippi has a 30% obesity rate, the nation's highest, and the bill's sponsor, state Rep. Ted Mayhall, said he was trying to call attention to a neglected public-health crises. "No one's doing anything about it," said Mayhall. "They just keep going to the buffets and eating."

It wasn't all bad

With dozens of languages spoken in Los Angeles, police sometimes have trouble being understood. But a new hand-held device called the Phraselator has eased the communication gap.

An officer merely selects a language—Korean, say—and barks the phrase such as "medical assistance" into the microphone. A speaker in the patrol car then blares a preprogrammed Korean phrase, "If you require medical assistance, please approach the nearest officer."

Police Captain Dennis Kato says the device is "not quite like that translator thing on Star Trek," which instantly translated anything a speaker said into the desired language. "But when it comes to crowd control, natural disasters, or medical emergencies, it can be a lifesaver."

Running around today included:

  1. Buying and mailing a birthday card

  2. Running to Best Buy, where I bought a pair of clip-on headphones, as my earbuds do not stay in amidst the downpour around and over my ears while I'm working out

  3. Ran to the credit union in Cary to deposit Joe's check for half of our travel expenses to Key West and WDW

  4. Working out for an hour

  5. Running into the grocery store afterwards.

Today's workout statistics:




I napped for a couple of hours, and then I met Joe at Flex. I played three or four games of free pool with David (Sadlack's), and later a couple with Joe.

Joe and Phil dropped in after a while, and at around midnight, we waited in the parking lot for Scott, who was coming from Chapel Hill. Once he arrived, the three of us walked over to Legends for the show.

After the show, we went to IHOP, where I had a killer, killer breakfast—cream cheese-stuffed French toast, two eggs over easy, two sausage links, and some hash browns. To die for.
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