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An early morning workout, some favorite sentences, and a finally finished edit...

Less than 12 hours after leaving the gym, I was back. I met Kevin (av8rdude) at 7:30 at Planet Fitness, where it was Free Bagel Tuesday. I did an hour of cardio, while Kevin did an hour of weights.

I need to work on my "negative speak" when I'm working out. Not being a morning person at all, I really struggled today, both in strength and attitude.

20 minutes into my workout, I started, "Okay, I'm just going to do 30 minutes of elliptical today, because I'm wearing out already. I'll do another 30 on the treadmill, at a pace just enough to keep my heart rate up."

At 29 minutes into it, "Okay, I guess I can make it to 45. I'll just do 45 minutes today, and then stop for the day. It's getting harder and harder to keep up this pace. I'm tired, and I deserve a break."

At 44 minutes into it, "I guess I can go another 15 minutes. That's another one-third the time I've already done, though, and I'm really wearing out. I could just do the last 15 minutes slowly, at under the 1000 cal/hour rate, but that might drop my overall calorie count under a 1000, and god knows what it will do to my METs. I can keep going. Gotta' think positive. I'll be so glad I kept going once I've finished."

Breaking the 3-minutes-to-go mark,"I'm gonna drive this home. I want to just back off, but I've gone this far. Just push it for another 2 or so minutes."

60 minutes into it, bliss. Endorphin high.

After wiping down my machine, I checked in with Kevin over in the weights section. With my shirt soaked all the way down the front, I said to him when I got near him, "Hug me?"

He was just finishing up, and, hugless, we met at the front desk shortly thereafter, where we enjoyed a cup of coffee and our free bagel at a table that's near the front entrance. I had veggie cream cheese on mine. Delish.

Today's workout statistics:





The beautiful part of it was that it was still before 9AM. Sweet!

I worked from home this morning. I blew off the IBM Editing Community Professional Vitality Session today, as it was a repeat of a session that I've already attended.

I called in for the first 10 minutes of the ITIM IDD Meeting, for which I'm on the agenda.

At about 2:30, I headed to Helios, from where I edited the rest of the afternoon.

Some of my favorite recent onesentence.org entries:


I said "Hi, I'm your mum" which made him cry so hard, I immediately apologised.

tags: newborn son first time motherhood [add]

I like this next one so much, because I could see it happening to me.

Nick P.

I was completely shocked and embarrassed when my dentist told me she read about my painful experience and negative review of my last root canal on my blog.

tags: dentist blogging root canal [add]

And this one, because it is so illogical, yet so human.

blueberry fist

My roommate keeps using my towels, so I am slowly depleting her rice.

tags: maturity communication respect [add]

I finally completed that unbelievably long and tedious edit this evening.
Tags: coffee shops, exercise, ibm

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