DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Tour de Friends Meet & Greet @ Oasis

I worked on the February TCW board meeting minutes today, and almost finished before having to leave at 1:15. I stopped by the post office to check the TCW mail, and then went to Oasis.

There was a decent crowd there. Santiago was there, and he's riding. That's cool. Wes and Connie, in addition to myself, were there for "Team IBM." We watched the 12-minute introductory video which I had seen at the previous intro session I attended at George's Garage.

After that, Ken talked about the dress (with marvelous model Havier), and then went over the "rules of the road." We also talked briefly about dogs as they can be a problem in rural areas where no leash laws are in effect.
The meeting ended at about 3:45.

At home, I finished the TCW minutes, and sent a few TCW-related e-mails out. Robert arrived at 8:30, and we left for dancing at about 8:50. Dancing wasn't as much fun as usual tonight, mostly because the floor was very slick, but not uniformly so. I need to send a note to Oasis about this.

We didn't get to bed until about 1:00, and MMMMMMMed, and then MMMMMMMMed again.

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