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"A president who's for gay people is not right," working from Helios w/Kim, a pizzaless workout...

A clip from a Lesbian friend's blog: She's in a Shoprite grocery store, and this is a discussion between herself and a gentleman with Down's Syndrome (but evidently high-functioning) who is bagging her groceries. Pat is her partner of 10+ years.

He's bagging the food and says with a stutter he didn't have when he spoke of our cricket caps last time: "Lllet mmmme guess," he says, pointing to the presidential candidate's button on Pat's chest, "She's for [candidate's name]."

"That's right, and me, too," I say showing him my button, which had not been visible prior.

"Well, [the candidate] won't get my vote."

"That's OK. The important thing is to vote, no matter who you're voting for," says Pat.

The young woman at the cash register offers proudly, "It'll be my first election, where I can vote," but adds no commentary on her favorite candidate.

"You know why I'm not voting for [the candidate]?" asks the bagger.

"Why not?" I'm obliged to respond.

"Because [the candidate][pause] is [pause] for *gay* people."

"And that's why I *am* voting for [the candidate]."

"Well, a president who's for gay people is not right," he exclaims, stutter-free.

"You're looking at a human being, who is one of those gay people." (Purposely, I use the phrase, "human being," as I know that it will resonate with him, that he'll be able to relate to the discrimination of not always being treated as human.)

You can read how it turned out here.

At 10:15, my friend Kim instant messaged me and said, "Where are you?"

"Oh shit!" I responded, having completely forgotten that I was supposed to meet her at Helios at 10:00 today, from where we were both to work remotely for our workdays.

About 30 minutes later I met her there, where we both worked until 2:30. She had a 3:00 meeting to go to, and I decided to head home, and work the rest of the afternoon from here.

I finally finished that long, long, tedious edit I've been working on for a week now.

I think this is a hilarious response to a craigslist Missed Connection (Men for Men) posting. The posting:

We made eye contact yesterday [at Peak Fitness Downtown] and I smiled. You were wearing a red hat and an ECU shirt. I thought I heard one of your buddies call you Matt? Let me know if you need an additional spotter next time you do squats. :)

And the response by the guy who either recognized himself or was told by one of his friends about the posting:

Sorry, I don't sword fight!

Sure beats, "I'm not a fag."

I got to Planet Fitness at 8:30. It's the first Monday of the month, and as advertised, there were many, many boxes of pizza lined up in front of the front desk when I came in. However, by the time I finished at 9:30, everything had been put away.

In a way I'm glad, as I really had eaten dinner before I went there, and they saved me from myself by putting it away. I did make a note of the time, though, so I can plan my visit—as well as my dinner—better next month.

I listened to more of In Cold Blood on my iPod. The murders finally took place!

Today's workout stats:




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