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STC Games Night planning, working out, and dancing...

I did a little work on STC Games Night planning today, and had my leftover Broiled Seafood Stuffed Flounder for dinner. Yum!

I waffled about working out this afternoon, since it's a dance night, but in the end went, because it's rare that I actually want to go. I had several more chapters of the audio recording of In Cold Blood read to me on my iPod while I worked out.

The more I go to this place, Planet Fitness, the more I like it. It's been called a fitness club for "wusses," mostly due to its Lunk Alarm—an alarm that sounds throughout the place if people doing the free weights grunt, drop the weights, or judge (other people). It's a huge thing on the wall, and it actually goes off.

There are all kinds of guys—with testosterone issues, in my humble opinion—complaining about it in this thread of a discussion board.

I kind of appreciate the Neanderthal suppression myself, but besides all that, what I really like about the place is that the staff there are real people.

The first day I went there, one of the girls working there had a sweat jacket on, zipped up, which was a little tight around a little bit more of a belly than I'm sure she wanted. But, she didn't seem to care that it showed as she ate a slice of pizza behind the counter.

Another day, one of the guys behind the counter was eating potato chips, out of the bag, Lays Wavy, no light or baked shit, the real McCoy.

And now, I just learned from their website that:

We give away 35000 free t-shirts every month! (I got one when I joined.)

Have you seen ours famous candy jars filled with purple and traditional Tootsie Rolls®? We go through over 750,000 each month! (I've seen these and have been wondering if they're free.)

On Pizza Nights (the first Monday of every month) we go through 3000 pizzas. That's 24000 slices per year! (This coming Monday is the first Monday of the month!)

The second Tuesday of every month we serve up free bagels to our club members! Come on by and get your own! (A week Tuesday is the second Tuesday of the month. There is very little in life that I like more than a bagel.)

Today's workout stats:




Dancing was fun tonight. We actually didn't get cut off right at 10:30 for a change, though only went to about 10:40 or so. Van had secured a copy of Irreplaceable by Sugarland, and I did a nice two-step to it with Bill.

At a little after midnight, the Bear Chested Men contest finally started, and was over in about 15 minutes, which was good. Rodney hosted it. That little short guy, Ronnie—who is a hairy mofo and always there with his partner—won. The prize was $100.

Shortly after that, Joe, Scott, and I went over to CCs, where Joe hung out with Scott, and I spent a little bit of time in the piano lounge, a little bit of time eating popcorn, and had one dance with Scott while Joe talked to two other guys that were there from Fayetteville that he had met in the past.

I left there right at 2:00, taking one last twirl to say good night to Joe, but couldn't find him. Good night, Elizabeth. Good night John-boy.
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