DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Games night...

I had another great, productive day at work, finishing up by packing up the things I need to take to Irvine, and setting my out of office messages up. I left at 4:00.

I had dinner, and worked on my Tour de Friends letter, and sent e-mail out before leaving for Games Night at 7:15.

We had a good crowd tonight, probably about 25 folks, with some new people, and three lesbians.

I played Catch Phrase, and then Taboo to bring Meagan and Mich into the fold. It was weird about Meagan, she has my niece's name, and slightly resembles her, too.

After that I stepped away into the TCW office, and checked my e-mail. I had a donation! Steve M. had made his donation. Cool! I played a little Euchre on Yahoo, and then went out to make an announcement.

I announced the upcoming Foster Parenting Seminar, and when I said, "And there's going to be a gay foster dad there," Kevin (one of the new guys) spoke up and said, "That's me." How cool. I chatted with him for a while afterward.

I collected $29 in donations for TCW.

I went to Flex from there, and chatted a long time with "Doug," who I had met once before on dance night. He's from Seattle, works at Nordstrom, has been here for a year, and hates it here. Andre was there, and he came up and chatted with us for a while, too. Wes was there with his new boyfriend -- what a bod!

I left there at one.

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