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A (free) Brigs breakfast; some crossword puzzles, and a glorious nap; and book club in Cary...

Robert arrived at 11:00, and we drove over to the Brigs in Cary to have breakfast with two coupons, which were expiring on 01/31/08, for a complimentary entrée and non-alcoholic drink each.

There was about a 20-minute wait, so we took a nice walk around the shopping center in which Brigs resides. The weather was brisk, but not cold (at least while in the sun), and our pager vibrated and buzzed in my pocket not too long after we completed our walk.

We had a most delicious breakfast, with a very efficient (and handsome to boot) waiter. What could be better than good company, a good meal, good service—all for free. Life is good.

Back at the house, Robert helped me go through everyone of my CD cases to look for a missing CD of mine. It was to no avail, but I do have peace of mind now that I didn't inadvertently put it in a CD case other than its own.

We did two crossword puzzles, finishing a relatively easy one from the N&O, along with its Jumble for the day.

We finished a good portion of the one from the Independent , but I was falling asleep toward the end, so instead of using "the book" to look up the remaining stumpers, we abandoned the puzzle, and Robert headed back to Durham, generously leaving me to a glorious nap.

Book Club met tonight, and for the first time in a year or so, we met in Cary instead of Durham—at the Barnes & Noble at Maynard and Walnut Streets.

We had a lot to catch up on, and did, and then we actually discussed our last book, which we started in September, and everyone had finally finished.

The B&N at Southpoint closes at 9PM on Sundays, so we're usually thrown out of there when we meet. 9:00 came and went here. Mary left shortly after that, but Janet, Sharon, Suzanne and I stayed even past 10:00, and they hadn't announced closing as yet.

Right before the four of us left, we actually went to look for a children's book that Suzanne had seen, which, through illustrations, shows how the existence, or absence, of an apostrophe can make a huge difference. When we found it, there was actually one about commas, too. Brilliant idea.

My favorite was the one illustrating the difference between "a giant kids' playground" and "a giant kid's playground."

Then, right before we left, Janet asked the lady working in the children's books section if they had the children's book about "gay penguins in a zoo," since she couldn't remember the name of it. After several computer searches, the lady finally located, And Tango Makes Three, a copy of which they didn't have in the store. "That looks like a great book," the clerk said to both of us, "I'm going to 'short-list' it."

In the course of looking for it, she asked what genre it might be under, and I said, "I would think it would be in the same category as The Sissy Duckling, to which she replied, "Oh. That is such a great book. I had forgotten all about that book. I'm so glad you reminded me of it. I'm going to put in an order for a couple of copies of it."

When we left, we said, "Thank you," and she said, "No, thank you!"

I left the store at about 10:30 and came home to devise Friday's blog entry and then hit the sack.
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