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In the office, electronics recycling, Jeanie's feeding time, dressing alike, and an early evening...

I worked from home this morning and went into the office this afternoon.

My officemate evidently was working from home today. We've been officemates over a month now, and we've yet to be in the office on the same day. I guess that's a good thing, except two people dropped by to see him today.

I remembered to bring in my items for the electronics recycle bin we have at work. I deposited: two keyboards, a scanner, a phone, and a digital camera. Done with them.

Cute: Jeanie-baby called me today to tell me that they feed her between 12 and 12:30, and that she wouldn't have any goodies to offer me in her room. I assured her that I'd eat before I arrive.

This entry in this week's PostSecret post cards

reminded me of how my parents used to dress my brother and me alike. People always thought we were twins. In actuality, we're 10 months and 2 weeks apart, so for about six weeks, we're the same age.

The conversation between October 13 and November 30 would invariably go like this:

"Oh, how cute. Are they twins?"


"Oh? How old are they?"

"They're both six."

I'm the one in the red socks.

POLL: Did your parents ever dress you and your sibling(s) alike?

A load of laundry done, and I'm in the bed early to get on the road early in the morning.
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