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The "little people" making strides, visiting Irene, Maria, and Susan @ The Hope Lodge, & dancing...

This article made me think of the Raleigh Kodiaks.  Thanks, guys, for being "out" there making strides for our community!

Gay athletes are making their mark
By LZ Granderson
Page 2

ASPEN, Colo. -- Last weekend, I sat on a panel to discuss one of the sports world's favorite questions: When will a big-name athlete come out?

To be honest with you, sometimes I get a little tired of talking about homophobia in sports -- especially that question in particular. But I continue to do so because I understand the importance of having such a dialogue, particularly as we near the one-year anniversary of Tim Hardaway's "I hate gay people" statements. And besides, afterward I'm always glad I did if for no other reason than to hear the audience's thoughts.

Last weekend was no different.

Actually, that's not true. Last weekend was very different.  [...The rest of the story...]

I spent the day in Greenville today, visiting a few of my favorite people on the planet.

My best friend from high school, Irene, who lives in Austin, has been in Greenville now for about a month, being with her mother who is going through treatment for lung cancer, and who is residing at The Hope Lodge there. Her sister Susan was also there, so I got a bonus visit with her!

I can't say enough good things about this amazing place, which I certainly would take advantage of if I were to find myself in similar circumstances.

We—Irene, her mother, and myself—spent some time talking about some questions I want to ask my friend Jeanie-baby when I see her this weekend. I had a list of 11, and they helped me narrow them down to the Top 5.

These are "heavy" questions. Feel free to answer any of them here yourself by using the "Leave a comment" link below. I'd love to read them.

  1. What do you consider your biggest accomplishment in life?

  2. What is your most treasured life memory?

  3. Who made a significant contribution to you being where you are today, but they most likely don't know it? What did they contribute?

  4. What is the hardest lesson you ever learned?

  5. What was the last thing you did that was totally out of your comfort zone. What did you gain from it?
It was great to see Maria (Irene's mother, pronounced Mariah). She finally gets to go home on Friday, which she is so looking forward to.

I got back to Raleigh in time to go dancing tonight. We had a fair number of dancers, but the bar was pretty much empty all night long.

We learned a new dance, which I actually bowed out of before completing. It just wasn't working for me. I'll try it again at next week's lessons.
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