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Vacation over—returning home...

We were supposed to be at the luggage station in front of our resort at 8AM this morning, and we arrived pretty much right on the dot. We boarded the Disney Magical Express, which left as soon as the doors closed after letting us on. Good timing.

Our bus driver spewed a plethora of facts as we drove off the Disney property, many of them documented in this Walt Disney World Wikipedia entry.

At Orlando International, the Southwest check-in area was jammed with people, but the long line moved quickly, and we ended up with time to have breakfast, as well as get to our gate in time to access the Internet on our laptops for just a little bit.

I just can't say enough bad things about the elaborate pains Southwest goes to to not assign seats on their flights. It is without a doubt more work for the gate agents (in terms of having to explain and carry out the involved line-up process at the gate), and for the customers (who have to negotiate the navigation demarcation poles, which are set up differently at various airports).

Who, exactly, is benefiting from this process, and howI just don't get it.

Although we were in the "B" group, we still were not able to get seats together after all the drama played out. However, Joe got a window seat, which is what he wanted, and I got an aisle seat, which is what I wanted.

Back in Raleigh, Joe and I caught a taxi back to his place from the airport, which ran around $25 with the tip. He then drove me to my house, where I was not pleased to find five newspapers piled up at my door. I do not subscribe to the newspaper, but they've been bringing them to me, seems like Thursday through Sunday each week since, I think, late December.

Silly me. Before I left on vacation, I did not call to stop the paper I don't subscribe to.

I had a big pile of mail, about 85% of which went directly into the recycling pile unopened.

Notable exceptions included my first issue of The Week, which I've subscribed to after stopping it for most of the time I was in grad school. This weekly magazine meets my needs perfectly, and I'm glad I'll have time to read it weekly again.

The other nice thing in the mail was a thank you note from my ex-laws (thanks to bluglass for this term).

Dear John,

Your kindness was really appreciated—thank you for thinking about us and sending the delicious chocolates sunflower seeds. We really enjoyed them!!

We had an early Christmas on Saturday (Dec 22nd) with all the family at Donna and Rob's beautiful new home. Didn't get to read your newsletter until we got back—congratulations on your many accomplishments!!

Love, Mom & Dad C.

I spent up to about midnight catching up my (extensive) blog entries (as my vacation entries tend to be) from the last four days. I managed to get a couple of loads of laundry done during the night as well.

Getting back to my own home, my own bedroom, my own bed, and making my own decisions reminds me of why I love living alone so much. Homo sweet home.
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