DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Lilies, and my friend Gregor!

Courtney and I had a measured bowl of cereal, with skim milk, for breakfast. I made us both an egg and cheese sandwich for lunch. We got in to work in time for her 9:00 meeting.

I had lunch with "Stephanie," who contacted me recently, via Dana. She is going to transition on the job here at RTP over the next few years. What a wonderful change to my paradigm about what a "transgender person looks like." Not having started any hormones or laser hair removal yet, "Stephanie" displays not an ounce of "femininity." Of course, I was expecting someone quite (at least a little) effeminate, but this was not the case at all. I am already so impressed with this person's resolve and courage to make this transition. We had a great (albeit short) lunch.

We left work at about 5:30, with Courtney getting an "11th hour reprieve" on her documentation due date. We had tacos when we got home. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Robert and Rodney arrived at 7:00, met Courtney, and then the three of us (minus Courtney) left to pick up Jay. Courtney headed over to Jeff's to finish packing.

We arrived at Artspace at about 7:30, got our tickets, and then waited just a few minutes for (the other) Jay to arrive. Russell was there, with a friend, another Robert.

The play was absolutely riveting to me. I always like REP's work, and this was no exception. It was cool to be sitting in there waiting for it to start, and slowly notice, "Oh, someone is sitting up in the rafters." Then, a few minutes later, "Oh. Someone is lying under those bleachers." And, again, a little later, "Oh! Someone else is up in the rafters over there!"

The play was just so cool to me, a little "play-within-a-play" type thing going on, and my dear friend, Gregor, was wonderful in it. I had so much anxiety about him not being good from previous discussions with him, but it was totally not the case. His performance moved me, and I was so proud to know him as part of the cast!

I wanted to wait to talk with him afterward, but since I was riding with Rodney, and Courtney would be waiting back at the house, I couldn't. I updated to his journal when I got home.

Courtney and I did pretty good by only having (light) popcorn once I got home. I showed her some of my pictures, and when we were looking at the P-Town Carnival Parade pictures, she pointed to a picture of the police riding in the parade in a police car, and dressed like pigs (they had masks on with big snouts), and said (not realizing what she was really saying), "Were they really pigs?" My head sort of turned sideways as I tried to process what she was asking. Are they really pigs? what does that mean? Then she burst out laughing realizing what she had said. We laughed and laughed and laughed.

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