DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

GLBT Business Meeting, EAGLE Lunch, Dancing!

Chris' business meeting was sparsely attended (again) -- Beth, Cheryl, Jeff, me, and Jay. Most of the meeting was spent talking about EAGLE apathy.

The EAGLE lunch was disappointing, but in character with apathy -- one other person, Renae, showed up to watch the POV special on Bayard Rustin. What an amazing gay man. I left there 1) glad I'd "met" him, and 2) wanting to see the movie "Boycott," in which part of his life is included.

I had a very productive work day, receiving the translated artwork for the AP Listener book back and incorporating it. I also got the XMPs added in.

Courtney called to let me know she'd be arriving at RDU at 10:30 this evening, and I agreed to pick her up after dancing.

Dancing was great fun, as always. Robert did so well line dancing. He's gotten comfortable with several of them now, so it looks like he's beginning to have more fun. Joe wasn't there. Gerald arrived late, like at 10:45. I had a wonderful shadow dance with him. He and Joe both lead that dance so well.

I picked Courtney up at about 11:45. Fortunately her plane had landed late, at about 10:55, and she had "phone time," (on her cell phone) catching up on several calls she'd been wanting to make. In fact, she was on the phone with her brother when I pulled up.

Once home, we ate the house down, which is not good for two reasons: 1) I'm dieting, and 2) she's dieting. We had Tostitos, salsa, ranch dressing, double-stuffed white-fudge Oreo cookies, and a "buttery nipple." We laughed and laughed eating though, and took a couple of pictures with her digital camera.

We got to bed close to 1AM, I believe it was.

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