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6 serious medical symptoms, 2 coincidences, and 1 dinner with Joe...

6 Serious Medical Symptoms
Some medical symptoms are warnings that you need immediate care.
Learn to recognize these six.

What is my impetus for posting this information? Recently I came across the obituary of someone I went to high school with and she was diagnosed on December 12th with cervical cancer that had spread to the lungs, and she died on January 5th. That's three weeks!

On Monday, I scheduled my quarterly pest control service, and she scheduled me for the visit between 11:00 and 1:00 today. In their reminder voice mail message yesterday, however, they'd said, "Just a reminder that we'll about out between 10:00 and 11:00 tomorrow." He arrived at about 10:10.

I had the most incredible sandwich for lunch today.

I took the last leftover Filet Mignon that Robert brought to my house this past weekend and cooked on the grill, and I sliced it into about 10 thin slices. (As my mother would describe with her New England accent: "papah thin" slices.)

In a microwaveable dish, I laid out a row of 5 slices, side by side, upon which I put a layer of Swiss cheese slices. Then another layer of the 5 remaining slices of meat, and topping that with a final layer of Swiss. I microwaved that enough to heat the meat and melt the cheese.

After heating up a Take & Bake roll, I put some mayonnaise and 4 slices of jalapeños on the lid of the roll, and the warm meat and melted cheese on the bottom of the roll.

OMFG! So delicious!

This was the weirdest damn thing. As I left my house today to go to Helios, I was thinking, "I wonder if it's today that it's one year until the inauguration of our next president. Or was it the 8th? I'll have to check that so I can note it in my blog. I know Casey (cpeel) has a link to a countdown to the day on his home page. It certainly is something to look forward to—the day this Mr. Potato Head is out of office for good."

Five minutes later, I switched lanes on Western Boulevard to cut over to Hillsborough Street via Pullen Road—instead of going down to Boylan Avenue where I normally cut across—and low and behold, as I slowed down to take the turn, I noticed this bumper sticker on the SUV in front of me:

Bush's Last Day

What are the chances?!?

Could they really be considered a "loved one" if they used this for her obituary picture?


Another very weird coincidence today! Those of you who know me know that I am not a shopper; I rarely do it.

Tonight, after working all afternoon from Helios, I ran over to Kohl's at Crossroads to look for a couple of black t-shirts. Not a minute after entering the men's section, I saw a guy with his back to me that I thought I recognized.

When he turned around, it was Joe. Yes, the very Joe I talk about here all the time. Crazy.

He ended up buying a t-shirt, and I bought a Russell Athletic Wear Hooded Sweat Jacket.

We met later, at 9:30 at The Borough downtown, where we had drinks and dinner. We had a delightful chat with none other than Tula Box (mediacafe), who articulated a "routine" she had in mind. I, for one, would surely like to see her return to the stage.

Joe and I left there at about 11:30. He was going home, and I was going to Trailer Park Prize Night, but by the time I walked back to Flex, where I was parked, I'd changed my mind and just went home. Darn, now I have nothing to bitch about.
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