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Work, exercise, eat, pool, and karaoke...

I worked from home today.

I attended an interesting—albeit not too applicable to the work I do—education session today on Search Engine Optimization techniques with regards to PDF files, Flash files, RSS feeds, Podcasts, and Blogs.

Following that, I attended another hour-long conference call, this one an Information Development & Design team meeting of one of the products I edit.

Someone in a discussion forum I follow pointed out that in the process of the consolidation of our benefits web sties in IBM on 01/01/08, it's possible that our beneficiaries for our 401-K Plan and Pension Plan were cleared. I checked mine, and they were, so I re-designated them to the proper heirs.

While I was in the tool, I thought I'd check my investment allocations as well. When we had two systems, I had to check the balance of one fund that I designated as my "holding fund," and whenever it reached a balance of $1,000 or more, initiate a transfer from the holding fund to my five actual destination funds, which resided on the other system. With everything being on the same system now, I was able to change my allocations to go directly into the five destination funds.

That's one small technical advancement for a computer; one giant reduction in hassle for this kind man.

I wanted to grocery shop after I walked tonight, so I drove over to the Food Lion, parked, and walked for an hour starting from there.

Being the creature of habit, routine, ESFJ person that I am, I had intended to walk my usual route, only starting it, basically, from the halfway point. However, just up Avent Ferry, where I normally would have turned right to follow my regular path, I turned left instead—into an apartment complex called The Summit.

Fifteen minutes later, I saw ahead what I thought was the Lake Dam Road entrance to Lake Johnson, and sure enough, it was. Voila! A new shortcut to the lake! Serendipity.

I listened to the following podcasts while walking for an hour today—all Slate Explainer podcasts:

 My Officemate is Crazy!

 Flaxseed or Steroids?

 A Sex Toy a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

 Venomous Snakes for Sale

 Strangled by Handcuffs?

 What's Wrong With British Cattle?

 Is Mad Cow an STD?

 Lunar Parking Permits

 Can You Legally Steal Your Own Property?

 Scent of a Dead Woman

 Is O.J. Memorabilia Still Valuable?

How Hot is Iraq? 

 Tomb of the Unknown Aircraft

Are Muslims Allowed to Dye Their Facial Hair? 

Do We Need the Original Lucy Fossil? 

Without fail, in each of these explainer podcasts, I learned something I didn't know. Now whether it's important, or whether I'll remember any of it, say in two days, that's another matter entirely.

I bought some most delicious "Picante Olives" at the grocery store. They're hot. They're pretty big, so I sliced a couple of them into three slices, and I put a slice on a sesame cracker along with a thick slab of Swiss cheese. Yum. Yum. Yum.

I finally finished up the very tasty pineapple a colleague of Robert's gave me tonight. I got a lot of good mileage out of that thing: with cottage cheese, in omelets, and on pizzas. It's all about the food.

I met Joe at Flex at 9:30, where we played pool and were entertained (and I use the term loosely) by karaoke. I left there right at midnight, as I have an 8:40 dentist appointment in the morning.
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