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4s, 3s, 2s, & 5s; a 50-year gay relationship; filets on the grill; and dancing...

For the record, please note that I am in compliance:

A friend sent me this advertisement about an upcoming screening that benefits Equality NC. I saw a "short" about this couple a few years ago at the NC Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, and it was quite engaging.


Come see the critically acclaimed "BOB AND JACK'S 52-YEAR ADVENTURE"  and meet the Director, Stu Maddux.  This is the real-life story of a half-century romance between two men who challenged the U.S. military's prohibition on same-sex relationships. Over 50 years after facing court martial, they share how they've remained a couple: how one man left his wife and children, how both moved together to a small town in the Pacific Northwest and started a radio station, and today how they face the new battle of being gay in their eighties.  BOB AND JACK'S 52-YEAR ADVENTURE is the true self-told story about the kind of lifelong love we all hope for and the equal rights two men who are still in love will now need to survive.  Don't miss your chance to see this outstanding film that has received rave reviews around the world!

"Bob & Jack's 52-Year Adventure" will be playing at Galaxy Cinema in Cary from Friday, January 11, to Thursday, January 17 and proceeds benefit Equality NC.  Showtimes are 1:00 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. daily.  The Director will be present for a Q&A at the showings on Jan 12 & 13 only.  For more information, contact Ray Richardson at 919-306-1264 or the Galaxy Cinema at 919-463-9959.

I had a lazy day today. I worked a little on my home page redesign, and I took a nap in the late afternoon.

Robert brought over filet mignon, and cooked them out on the grill for us. I made mashed potatoes (that is, I added water to the contents of a package) and some green beans (that is, I opened the can, poured them in a pan, and heated them up). However, it was all good.

Dancing was fun enough tonight. We had a decent number of dancers, and the size of the bar crowd grew steadily over the course of the evening, but never really got what I would consider "crowded." The dancing was stopped at 10:30, nevertheless.

Spotted in the crowd were buzzcubnc and his partner, swindunbar, who was strategically placing ad sheets around the bar for Bearapalooza coming to Raleigh on May 11. Mark your calendars.
Tags: bar talk, dancing, exercise, movies

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