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Super bugs, hush money, cataloged cards, an article, paper purging, and ads, ads, ads!

A recent favorite from indexed blog:

Scrub that.

And in the spirit of Christmas, this one:


I made sure all of my Christmas cards were cataloged, as the time draws near to dispense with all things holiday.

I wrote yet another article for Technically Speaking. This one was entitled, "An ENG 515 Experience," and I asked for input on it from both the professor of the class and the other students in the class.

I spent most of the afternoon going through paper piles. Whew, after four years, I can once again see my washer and dryer surfaces!

I did something I haven't done in probably 5 years today—read a printed copy of the News & Observer. What struck me the most about it?

Okay, what this is... the percentage of purple on each page's bar? That's the percentage of the page that consists of advertisements! The yellow is the part that is actual news copy. Out of the 24 pages in Section A of today's paper, there are 5 with no ads at all (pages 1, 3, 18, 22, & 23), while 8 that are 100% ads, and for all intents and purposes page 7—at 95%—is all ads, too, so 9.

Of the remaining pages, only one has advertising taking up less than 50% of the page (page 24 at 33%), while most of them consist of 66-85% advertising.

I'm not saying that "the printed page" is in "trouble," but if it takes that much advertising to keep a paper going, something's up.

It's going on 10PM and I'm still vacillating about going out tonight. I'm going to go ahead and post this, as it's enough to read already without adding more if I do go out. :-)
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