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A killer birthday, car inspection, oil change, Public Insight Network, dirty song, and donation...

Talk about a birthday he won't soon forget!

Evidently this guy partied at a nightclub late into the night of his birthday, got into an argument with someone, and then stabbed him. The stabbed guy later died.

"What'd you do on your birthday?" "Oh, you know... I just... killed somebody."  Talk about a hangover the next day.

It'd be funny if it wasn't so tragic.

Aside: This nightclub is two blocks down from Flex, of which I always speak about here, as that's my "hangout." It's not the first murder in the area. Last year (or maybe the year before now), someone else died at a club right around the corner from there. Doesn't give me warm fuzzies.

I got my car inspected today and had the oil changed while I was there, too. I was surprised, and very pleased that I found a wireless network in the vicinity, though I spent most of the time working on my 2008 online calendar, which didn't require Internet access.

After that, I ran by the credit union in Cary, where I cashed a check for $100. The next stop was Just Tires, just down the street, where I was told there was a 3-hour wait for a tire rotation. No thank you.

While in the car, I heard two commercials on WUNC radio about its new Public Insight Network. Once home, I went to www.unc.org to check it out, and I was taken to a domain belonging to Urology Nurses of Canada. I changed the UNC to WUNC, which worked much better. I joined the network. Check it out if you're interested in shaping the news, and possibly being in it.

Also while on the road, I had on 93.9 (Kiss-FM), which has been playing Christmas Music (excuse me, kissmas music—gag!) since the first of November, but has now returned to its "regular" music. I did one of those "Huhs???" when I thought I heard the words to the song playing say: "He can't satisfy you with his little worm, but I can bust you out with my Supersperm." A quick Google once home confirmed it. Geez. I'm all for being progressive and not getting "old," but my goodness. Can we maintain any decorum?

Also once home, I made a year-end $100 donation to Manbites Dog Theater.

After combing the house at least three times for it, I called my sister to see if I'd left my phone charger at her place. I did.

I powered up my laptop (number 3), which hasn't been powered on in at least three months, only to scare myself by remembering the administrator password with which to login.  I scoped out the size of the hard drive in preparation for transferring anything I'm interested in saving to another machine. That one is heading for the recycle bin. It still has Windows 2000 Professional on it.

I did two loads of laundry, and changed my furnace air filter. It's one of those clean it up, clean it out, or throw it out kind of days!

Joe's flight from Pittsburgh was delayed by about an hour. I picked him up at about 11:20, and we went to Flex for a while. It was a sort of Twilight Zone in there tonight.

The videos (it was "retro" night) were incredibly loud. Not too long after we were there, someone hurled on the floor right in front of the side bar, where the coat check is. A god-awful mess, cleaned up by both Bill and James. Rubber gloves and an industrial-strength mop were involved.

Santiago and David were there, and David gave me the biggest hugs—as he's prone to do—one upon my arriving and another upon his leaving.

We left there some time between 12:30 and 1:00, and I took Joe (and his baggage—I mean luggage) home.
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