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Christmas 2007...

This is what Christmas is all about: Here's some updates from my friend Dave, who as noted in this entry, adopts a family each year and asks his friends if they want to contribute to making their Christmas special. Presents for them; an affirmation for me.

Dear John,

First off, I was blown away by the generosity of your gift. You're one good and kind man, John Martin! I bet the mom will be overwhelmed by your gift and will put it to good use.

Second off (?), may you and Robert have a wonderful Christmas, and may 2008 be good to you and you remain healthy.

Thank you so much sweetie,

Hi Carl, Donata, John, Kevin, Kevin, Mario, Randy, Rob, Tim and Will,

Thank you so much for helping make Christmas special for Maribel, Miriam, Ivan and Uriel.

Maribel will open gifts of a silver, zip up sweater top, pink shirt, pink pajamas, and gift cards to Kohl's and Food Lion, along with money to spend as needed for her family.

Miriam will open two tops and some pink heart pajamas.

Ivan and Uriel will each open gifts of jeans, striped shirts and long sleeve T's to wear underneath, along with gray cotton lounging pants and two blue t-shirts.

And I like giving fluffy new pillows as Christmas gifts so they each received one—unwrapped.

I hope your heart feels fuller, your Christmas is brighter and God blesses each of you for your kindness. I know your generosity touched me and I took great delight in shopping, wrapping and delivering the gifts.

Have a Merry Christmas, and if you have an inkling, stop on over, you know I have some goodies here... and a little liquor.


In Greenville, at my sister's, I woke up at just before nine to the wafting smell of turkey roasting and bread baking. <singing>These are a few of my favorite things...</singing>

Vivian made a delicious breakfast of chourico scrambled eggs and toast, which we enjoyed immensely.

At about 10:30, I made the Bourbon Egg Nog under Vivian's direction, as I had copied the "old Covington (her husband's) family recipe," and she said it would be good "practice" for me to have a run through its making. (Good teaching and delegation skills so noted.)

It not only has to be made with no substitutions, but the order of the ingredients actually affects the taste. (That's their story and they are totally sticking to it—the whole family does.)

1/4 gallon Breyers Vanilla Bean ice cream
2 quarts egg nog (Maola)
1 cup AAA (Ancient Age Bourbon Whiskey)
2 oz. light rum (Bacardi Rum)

Must mix in this order. (I told you.)
Mix with a mixer, but don't blend it too smooth to leave some chunks of ice cream.

Warning: This is the kind of drink that you'll have about 6 cups of before you remember that it has alcohol in it. Delicious!

After a discussion about it at Thanksgiving, Mom had bought (and brought) an electric knife with which to cut the turkey. I remembered the directions I had seen in a video on the Internet at Thanksgiving, which worked only marginally on that turkey with a "regular" knife, and I tried them again with the electric knife. Presto!

It's just amazing the difference that having the correct tools can make. This was the easiest, and most thorough, turkey carving we've ever had. See for yourself:

As always, Vivian had a decorating theme, and here's a shot of both the dining room and kitchen tables respectively:

And, finally, here's a shot of my sister and her husband by their tree:

Mom and Dad arrived at close to noon, and Meagan, Chris and Nicholas (my niece, her husband, and my great nephew) arrived at just before 2:00.  Shortly after that we had our delicious, delicious meal.

The gift-opening frenzy was next, and then the killer pecan pie my sister made for dessert. Life is good.

Not too long after that, all of us hit the road—Megan and family first, then mom and dad, and finally, myself.

On the road, I called Robert to get an update on his day (he worked) and to wish him a Merry Christmas.

Back in Raleigh, I took a glorious nap, and later went to Karaoke at Flex, which was fairly festive in terms of people there. Michael Lester and Eric (don't know his last name) hung around me pretty much all night long.

At a little after midnight, Eric asked me if I was going to Legends for the 12:30 show, and when I said, "Probably," he said, "I'll walk over there with you."

The show was alright, but I didn't watch all of it. I played two games of Galaga before I left—there was a credit left on the machine, which I played, and then spent a quarter of my own.

Once home, I resisted eating, even though I hadn't had anything since dinner at 2:30 at Viv's.

Happy Holiday everyone.
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