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The sands of time...

We got up around 10:00, and ate our leftovers from K-38 for breakfast. Yum! As we were getting dressed and packed, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" came on, and we got a little caught up in The Lady Chablis' performance.

We checked out around noon, and sat out by the pool on the rocking chairs for about 20 minutes, taking in our last views and breaths of the ocean. We then went back to Riverfest, walked down the street looking at the vendor booths, which were now open. We had a Grilled Sausage, some A&W Root Beer, and a funnel cake.

We left there at about 1:00, and took a "wrong turn" (even though the sign said "To 40.") We went a long way to get to I-40, but finally did get to it. It got kind of ridiculous; every time we saw a sign in the distance and got excited about it finally being the 40 junction, it was just another "To 40" sign.

We arrived back in Raleigh at about 4:00, and Robert immediately left, saying, "See you in about a month." That was a little of a downer ending, but nothing can ruin the weekend. It was so nice. It was the nicest "birthday" I can remember in a long time.

I took a nap from about 5:30 -- 8:30. I was supposed to cal Raj when I got back, but didn't. Gregor called me from the airport at about 8:45. We agreed to meet at Third Place at 9:30.

We had great conversation (as usual). At least I thought we did. Sometimes I wonder if he thinks so. I do seem to so confound him sometimes. Hopefully, overall, he enjoys our tete-a-tetes. At any rate, he does seem to "come back for more" if he doesn't. :-)

I drove him home to take a look at the new Eva Cassidy CD he bought for his dad. It is recording of all previously unreleased stuff. I'll have to get it! I want to particularly hear two tracks: Tennessee Waltz and Danny Boy.

I found out about "Country Encoding" on DVDs tonight. As Johnny Carson would say, "I did not know that."

I told Gregor about the three P's that work toward Pessimism and away from Optimism:

Making things: Permanent, Pervasive, and Personal. Don't do it. Examples:

Making it Permanent: Things are going wrong at this moment of your life. You say, "Things are never going to get better," or "It's always like this."

Making it Pervasive: You can't fix your bike. You say, "I am such an idiot. I can't fix anything. I'm not mechanically inclined."

Making it Personal: You didn't get a part in a play because you weren't right for the part. You say, "They didn't like me. They don't think I can act."

I am NOT looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I am not looking forward to this week at work. There, how's that for some pessimism? :-)

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