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I met Joe at his house at 8AM, and before leaving for the airport, we exchanged gifts. As usual, he went over the top in gifts, so much so that I insisted that he take back one of his $25 iTunes gift cards!

I dropped him off at the airport at just after 8:30 for his 10:00 flight. He called me about 20 minutes later to let me know that there were no lines and that he was already at his gate.

I was a little early for the 1:45 movie I was going to see, so I stopped at the Target at North Hills Shopping Center on the way and returned a $25 iTunes gift card I thought I was going to use for a Christmas gift.

The Kite Runner

I saw this movie this afternoon. It has had very mixed reviews. Here's my take in one word: exquisite. Caveat:  The fact that the book upon which it is based is on my list of Top 5 Books of All Time might have had some influence on this assessment.

I guess this is a little technical communicationy [made up word], but I absolutely loved the typeface (and the music) used on the opening credits to this movie.

I forgot to mention this yesterday: My aunt and uncle called to tell me that I absolutely made their Christmas with my package full of pictures from our Labor Day weekend visit. They were just beside themselves, which was totally cute and warmed my heart.

I'm really scrutinizing The Turn of the Screw on this read through (my second—the first was many, many years ago), watching specifically for the degradation in reliability of the narrator.

Right before I stopped reading it (and began reading the back of my eyelids), a huge credibility reduction took place in Chapter VII. It's interesting to note the technique used by Henry James to pull it off. A good writing lesson, as well as a good read.

Karaoke was festive tonight, with a lot of people being off tomorrow, I suppose.

Van, the soldier, was there and at one point during the evening, he said to me, "Have you ever asked God for a boyfriend?"

"No, I can't say that I have," I replied. "Have you?"

"No," he said. I thought it was a devilishly interesting question, and I wondered where it had come from. Perhaps someone he was talking to before me had asked him that.

I sat next to Patrick (from line dancing) most of the night, as he proceeded to get totally polluted. Fortunately, he had a room at a downtown hotel tonight so wasn't driving home.

I left him there with a good conscience (mine—I wouldn't presume to speak for his).



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