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Ben, a diamond find, some cross words, and Steve's party...

How could I have forgotten BEN? An update to my list of hot celebrities as discussed in my December 8th entry:

Ben Cohen, Rugby Player

Can you say furrylicious?

After looking through the bag I had my clothes in, the back seat of my car where I threw my clothes after changing, and through my jewelry box to make sure I hadn't subconsciously put it away, Robert and I rode over to West Raleigh Presbyterian Church to the spot at which I had parked for graduation on Wednesday to see if we could find my diamond solitaire stud tie tack on the ground in that area.

We looked for about 10 minutes to no avail, and then stopped, just for the heck of it, by the Village Draft House, in whose bathroom I changed, to see if it was on the floor in the restroom or if anyone had turned it in as a "lost and found" item.

There was a young kid working at the reception desk area, and after he did the most cursory of glances under the desk, and I thought, "Oh no. That won't do," I said, "Is there a manager here?"

The manager looked in the back office, then came out and looked all around the cash register at the bar, and then went back to the very area the boy had bent over long enough to feign a look, and he pulled out and went through, first one box of stuff—a small box with about 8 or 9 pairs of prescription glasses (as well as sunglasses), keys, cell phones, and other baubles in it, and then through a larger box with various items of clothing in it, mostly light jackets.

All to no avail, but I was satisfied with the effort at least. I resigned myself to the fact that it was gone for good. Sad Face

We rode over to Target at Crossroads, where I picked up what I'd hoped would be my last two prints, some bottled water, and three CPK Five Cheese Frozen Pizzas.

Before leaving that shopping area, we rode over to Lowes, where I bought what I hope is my last gift card. When we returned to the car, I dropped my cell phone in its usual place, one of my two cup holders, and as it plopped in there, I noticed a little chain—which was connected to my diamond tie tack! Somebody's living right.

Once home, I found the 5x7 that I'd printed to be too dark in the picture frame, so I used Fireworks to brighten it, and sent it, once again to be printed via target.com.

After lunch, Robert and I worked on a challenging Indy crossword puzzle, but finished the whole thing. Yay!

We rewarded ourselves with a nap.

Steve's party was lots of fun—good people and good food. Loved it.
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